Chatbot technology has changed the way businesses interact with their customers. Many industries like Insurance, transport, food, house cleaning, banking, fashion etc are using Chatbot technology to enhance the performance and reduce cost. It is one of the most popular technologies among user experience design community as most of developers searching or developing chatbot for conversation with human through app or some type of web interface.

The bots are existed since 1966, but they are not popular in past. The first bot created to help doctors in the medical services. The bots become popular when mark Zuckerberg introduces bots for Facebook messenger. This Artificial intelligence program helps to maximize work flow, improve overall customer’s experience, and reduce costs. Chatbots can introduce new era in the technological change.

How will bots help in financial and business services like Real state, Bank and Insurance Firm?

Improving customer service

Chat Bots are the best solution to the customer service crisis. Chatbots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days in week and 365 days in year to assist customers. ChatBots do not get overwhelmed at peak times and can offer uniform responses rates and time. Bots are quick, as the information is loaded already. You customers don’t need to wait for assistance as multiple chatbots can be deployed to assist. Uses of Chatbots are helpful in cost reduction.

Helping customers to make better financial decision

Advisory bots can be applied to give better solution and advice to the customers.

Helpful in Fraud prevention

Chatbots can be helpful in Fraud prevention and detection. In case if a chatbot detects fraudulent use of credit card, debit card and other services the bot can cancel it immediately in order to stop risk.

Increase in sale

Chatbots can be applied to these financial and business sectors to increase the sale. Chatbots can suggest better solution and advice to the customers based on the question-answer algorithm loaded inside it.

Some popular chatbots in these industries


It is Allianz’s virtual online assistant.


This Chatbot is working for RBC insurance in Canada.


It’s virtual advisory for Link4.


It is a dutch chatbot talking to nationale-nederlandhen’s customers about insurance.


It stands for interactive advisor, working for co-operative banking group.


It works for credit Agricole’s health insurance in france.


It is a chatbot for Swedish social insurance agency.

A lot of companies are betting big on bots including Microsoft, Google, Facebook and apple. This technology is capable to change old-school ways to deal customers in Finance and business industries. These companies can implement Chatbots in their own application to make business better and smooth.




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