On demand market has been opened new business model to salon and spa booking businesses. Nextbrain analyzed salon and spa booking service and list the features of application, user roles, how it works, time line, cost and etc.., Still in many country, Salon and spa industry does not have any online portal to connect the end customers with salon and spa service providers. Of course, Only few businesses running in market and making good revenue.

How it works?

1. Customers find the salon & spa in their location
2. View the services, book and pay
3. Get the notification about appointment time
4. Customers arrive the salon and get the service delivered
5. Post Rate & Review to salon and spa based on their services

User roles:

Users – Users who are registered with our accounts and select the services, book and pay.
Salon owner – They can add services, manage the bookings and payment transaction.
Administrator – Who controls entire application, security & settings and customers


Mobile development: iPhone (Objective C), Android (Java)
Web development: Laravel Framework, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery

Customers Web, iPhone and Android application features:

We have to build a customer facing iPhone and Android application where in customers can browse, login & do all necessary activities on our application.
Splash screen in mobile application
iPhone and Android application will work in portrait mode only
Application should be compatible in all resolutions
Mobile Application will work in English language.


User Login [ Email and password ]
User Signup [ Name, email, password, city, phone, Email confirmation, terms and conditions and etc., ]
Users need to verify their mobile number with OTP code. We need to integrate the SMS gateway.
My Profile with image
My appointment, Appointment history and Appointment status access
Profile settings – Edit profile, changes password and delete account

Salon / store:

Users can find the salon based on city and area of particular city.
Users can find the nearest salon based on their current location.
Users can view the list of salon list
Search the salon by category like facial, haircut, nails, massage, straightening and etc..,
Filter the salon by opening days, price, rating and gender.
View the full details of particular salon. It should have the salon information, reviews and service menu list.
Users can add the menu into cart or they can remove from the cart, Menu should have the photo, image and short description.
Users can rate and share the review of salon
Social media share of salon URL like facebook, twitter and google+.

Check out and Order:

Once user added the services into cart, they can see the cart list, where they can remove services.
Users need to add the date & time of appointment before checkout. System will check the availability of appointment time in back end and confirm it before the checkout.
Users can use the discount voucher code to get discount in checkout time. Users will receive the voucher code via various marketing program.
Users can select the payment option as online payment or Cash. So we need to integrate the any one of payment gateway to process the online payment.
The order confirmation with invoice sends to customers email id. Of course, Salon owner and admin will receive the mail.
Also salon owner need to confirm the appointment request from their account and it will be notified to customer via email, SMS and push notification.

CMS page:

About us, terms & conditions and FAQ
Social media links

Web - Salon owner panel development:

Salon owner can login into application and management their account

Edit profile - They can update the complete salon details like address, social media links, profile photos, contact details and etc..,
Change password and logout

Package subscription – Salon owner need to subscribe the account for one month, 6 month or one year etc.., once their subscription is expired, System will send the automatic mail to them. We need to integrate one payment gateway to capture the payments from vendor.
Add and manage the staff where they can access the appointment requests and confirm it from web application.
Add and manage the menu list. It should have edit, delete and block option. Admin has to approve the updated menu list to go online.
Salon owner can see the confirmed appointment request in calendar view and view the full detailed of particular appointment.
Manage the customer reviews. Salon owner should not delete the reviews.
Manage the customer appointments. So salon owner can see the appointment request and confirm it. So it will be notified to customer.
Manage the payment transactions with complete report.
Update the appointment request as completed.
Report – View the graphical chart of menu and appointments. Ex: Top services and etc..,
Salon owner can send the SMS, Email or Push notification to their customers about the latest news or offers in their store. It will increase their sales.

Web – Administration panel development:

CMS is mainly for providing administration for moderator or Administrator for our entire application.
Admin Login & Settings
Dashboard and Analytics
Admin settings [ password changes, Edit account ]
Sub-admin / moderator – Admin can add and manage the sub-admin [ edit, delete, block / unblock the moderator ]

Settings Module:

General settings
Email and contact settings
SMTP mailer Settings
Social media page settings & Google analytical settings
Modules settings – Enable & disable the modules

Image settings:

Logo settings
Favicon settings
No-image settings
Image zoom settings

Country & Cities management:

Add city & country
Manage Cities [Add, edit, delete, block/unblock]
Add and manage the area

CMS page management:

Add new CMS pages
Manage CMS pages [Add, edit, delete the pages]
Manage inquiries from contact us form

Salon management:

Add and manage the category
Add and manage the Salon. It should have edit, delete and block option.
Filter the Salon by keyword and category
Add and manage the menu under salon
Manage the salon reviews


Manage the orders
Admin can see the list of orders
View the report of orders
View the full details of particular order
Export the orders into excel sheet

Manage the customers:

Add and manage the customers. It will have edit, delete and block option.


Admin can see the complete report of customers, Salon and orders.
Send the newsletter email to customers and salon owners
API development – Need to build the API to interact with mobile application from server.

Timeline and cost:

Project Analyze & Management - 60 hrs
Web application development (Front end, Salon panel, back end and API) - 450 hrs
Customers iPhone application development - 280 hrs
Customers Android phone application development - 280 hrs
Design & UI Integration - 130 hrs
QA - 80 hrs

Need 1280 hrs to build the iPhone, Android and Web application. Cost of development is $15360. We need 16 weeks to deliver the application from start date.






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