Best SEO Company in Nairobi, Kenya

As a leading SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya our SEO analysts have good expertise in current trends and perfect SEO strategies that are suitable for your business. We implement right SEO techniques to make your website rank high in the search engines.

Well-Planned SEO Strategies to increase your website traffic

We are the reputed SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya offering the best SEO services to the clients all over the world. As it is not an easy task to achieve top position in the search engine, our proficient SEO analysts assist you by analysing your project requirements, plan a personalised SEO strategy for your business and implement it to get the successful results. With hand-on experience in SEO techniques, our highly experienced SEO analysts execute various strategies to drive more organic traffic to your website and convert the visitors into leads.

Our SEO services

We offer efficient SEO techniques and perfect SEO strategies to improve your business and enhance your brand visibility.

Keyword Optimization

Our expert SEO analysts make analysis about the keywords having high search volume which are relevant to your business and most often searched by your potential customers. As a leading SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya we offer website optimization services to drive more website traffic, maximize the sales and ROI of your business.

Technical SEO

We offer technical SEO services to make your website rank high in the search results. Our certified SEO analysts in Nairobi, Kenya have good knowledge of all the technical website audit issues like web page loading speed, crawlability, URL structure, website security, coding, etc. We check all the issues to offer a website that has no technical issues.

On Page Optimization

We offer a perfect on-page SEO strategy to ensure the content in your website is more compelling to the potential customers and the search engines. Being the top SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya we make sure to provide link building, keyword optimization, and other on-page activities to enhance your online presence and increase your sales.

Off Page Optimization

Our SEO analysts create relevant backlinks which can increase the traffic to your website. We assist in promoting your website on different social media channels to boost your brand reputation. We are much aware of creating unique and enticing content which attracts the search engines and assists your website to rank ahead of your competitors.

Link building

Being a reputed SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya our SEO analysts offer amazing link building services to obtain the high quality backlinks to your website. Our highly skilled SEO analysts offer relevant backlinks, exceptional link building services for an affordable package. We offer the best link building services that enhance your brand promotion.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a key to promote your business and attract your customers by targeting a specific location. Our SEO analysts offer Local SEO services by targeting the customers strategically. We ensure that you rank on the top of the search engine for the local keywords. We provide amazing local SEO strategies to make your business grow.

Ecommerce SEO

For any ecommerce business, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services will help you to drive more traffic to your website. Our SEO analysts will also assist you to make your ecommerce website rank high in the search engines. We use the most relevant keywords that most of the customers use frequently to search your products.


Blogs play an important role to maximize your website traffic and grab the attention of the visitors. We offer highly optimized, compelling and engaging content which easily promotes your products or services. Our content specialists have good expertise in constantly updating your blogs with unique and valuable content, ultimately earning more profits.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is much essential as the website content should be optimized for better search engine ranking and attract more potential customers. Being a top SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya we make sure to offer quality rich content which helps you in obtaining more leads and sales and makes you stand ahead of your competitors.

Site speed optimization

Speed optimisation of a website plays an important role in the overall Google algorithm. We have good expertise in offering Site speed optimization services to ensure that your website meets all the latest requirements. Our SEO analysts optimize your website which helps your website to load quickly on any device with a smooth navigation.

Competitor analysis

As a leading SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya, we offer the best SEO tools to analyse your competitor websites. Our highly proficient SEO analysts implement different SEO strategies to know the areas which require immediate attention. We have good knowledge in offering the best SEO services to drive you ahead of the competition.

Why do clients prefer Nextbrain SEO agency in Nairobi?

We are the top Nairobi SEO company in providing the best SEO services and cost-effective SEO solutions to offer website optimization services. Our proficient SEO experts optimize your website with high quality content based on the keywords which helps to drive quality leads to your website and offers more leads. Our highly talented SEO analysts offer various services which include keyword optimization, off-page optimization,, etc. to enhance your online presence and connect easily with your customers. We are the most trusted SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya offering successful outputs in a less time earning more profits to your business. With good expertise in SEO services, we make sure to offer productive results to the world’s reputed clients.

Advantages of our SEO services

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Who’s behind our SEO ?

Meet our team of certified and trusted SEO experts who can bring your website to the top on the search engines and help in enhancing your brand reputation.
Prem Anand

Prem Anand

Digital marketing expertise

Prem Anand is our SEO team lead with good expertise in handling multiple
projects successfully. He is a dedicated SEO analyst who can plan and
execute perfect SEO strategies to get the best results. He is very
efficientin handling his team and motivating them to accomplish their
task within the deadlines.

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Akshay kumar

Akshay kumar

Digital marketing expertise

Akshay is a talented SEO analyst, a good team player having
expertise in various SEO tools and capable of handling any
critical tasks. He always comes up with new ideas and plays
a crucial role in the success of project completion.

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Digital marketing expertise

Santhosh is a proactive, highly skilled Sr. SEO Analyst having incredible
experience in a wide range of search engine optimization tools.
He can easily identify any SEO issues and strategically resolve
them to get better results.

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We constantly research current trends and technologies and are keen to share what we find. Get updated with
the latest news and the inspiring stories offering ultimate solutions to your business.
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Search engine optimization FAQs

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  • What are the SEO services offered by your company?
    As a leading SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya we offer various SEO services like Keyword optimization, Off-page optimization, On-page optimization, Link building, Content marketing, Email marketing, Competitor analysis, Site speed optimization, Local SEO and other services to increase the ROI of your business.
  • What is the price you charge for the SEO services?
    We charge $1000 - $5000 based on the SEO package you have chosen. You can choose the best SEO plan for your business from the Basic, Premium, and Professional SEO packages.
  • How can I contact you to discuss the SEO services for my project?
    You can directly reach out to us over the Phone, Email or Skype to discuss your project. We will help you in offering right SEO services by analysing your business requirements.
  • How Nextbrain Technologies is the best SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya?
    We are recognized as the best SEO company in Nairobi, Kenya as we offer the best SEO strategies that exactly match your business requirements and help to drive more traffic to your website. Our expert SEO analysts offer proper SEO techniques which helps to increase your sales and leads.
  • Do you offer SEO services for startup companies?
    Yes. As a leading SEO agency in Nairobi, Kenya we offer SEO services for startups, small and medium sized businesses all over the world.
  • What is Whitehat SEO technique?
    Whitehat SEO technique helps in optimizing your website for high search engine results. Our SEO analysts use Whitehat SEO techniques to make keyword analysis, rewriting meta tags, backlinking, offer quality content, link building, etc.
  • How organic traffic benefits my business?
    Organic search engine optimization assists to get high ranking on a search engine page and is unpaid. It also gets website traffic with more number of leads. When compared to Paid SEO services Organic SEO services will be highly beneficial.
  • How experienced are your SEO analysts to handle my project?
    We have certified and highly experienced SEO professionals who can handle any complex projects. We have a team of talented SEO analysts who can come up with the best SEO strategies and make your website rank high in the search engines.

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