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About Inbloom

Inbloom is a cashback app that helps customers to earn incentives for the purchase of local products and services. The app brings all local merchants in your neighbourhood under one platform that for every purchase or service received, customers get cashback. It can be a grocery store, your favourite restaurant, salon service or a relaxing spa. The app works with an insight to empower all local businesses, to encourage them to build into a stronger and progressive community. Moreover, it saves the customer’s time, energy, and money. They can purchase the goods online via the app or through direct shopping from the store. In both cases, cashback can be easily availed. The money will be credited to their inbloom account.


The challenges were analysed and necessary alternative solutions were made by our team experts to tackle every difficult solution. With the help of world-class expertise, innovative technologies, and tools, we have handcrafted the best cashback app offering a plethora of features and functionalities.

  • Handling of the huge database was a big challenge
  • Difficulty in finding the right development approach and strategy
  • Device compatibility and screen size to offer an elegant first impression to the customers
  • Difficulty in grabbing the attention of potential customers


If you prefer to order online, the app provides real-time notifications regarding the updates of the order. The app is highly secured and it makes fundraising smooth and easy by digitalizing the whole process. Our app developers developed profound solutions for every issue including all the necessities of the users.

  • The huge database issues were solved by focussing on certain factors like removing inaccurate data, choosing the right mobile app database, more space allocation, etc.
  • Through in-depth research, analysis and implementation of ideas, we got the right direction to develop the best possible solution.
  • Responsive mobile apps are made through deep competitive research to know about the nature of their business and their target audience. Keen attention is given to aspects like screen resolutions, sizes, and pixel densities.
  • Through precise marketing strategies, app promotion ideas, PR & media planning, social & viral marketing, we have tackled the issues.


Inbloom is an easy solution to get incentives for purchasing goods or services from local businesses. The Inbloom app can be easily downloaded from the Playstore. Users can simply register and create a personal account. Customers can browse the local registered stores available in the neighbourhood. For every purchase made and service received, cashback will be credited to their Inbloom account. There are amazing delivery options at a reasonable price to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction. The app is a good fundraiser that allows schools and NGOs to raise more funds.

How it works


Get cash back on every purchase.

Intensify your economy
Intensify your economy

Each transaction strengthens
the local economy.

Business from here only
Business from here only

Get direct access to the best
local merchants.


Our technology allows schools
and NPOs to raise more funds.

User Journey

Through the Information architecture and sitemap, we have illustrated the flow of all content elements and defined the
number of pages for mobile apps and websites.
User Journey

User onboading flow

Building the onboarding process with the perfect combination of operational, social, and strategic elements

Rewarding users with Cashback
to shop local every time.

Boost your local economy
Boost your local

by shopping good quality products
made by local merchants.

Helping Individuals,& Schools &amo; NGOs
Helping Individuals,
& Schools &amo; NGOs

To raise more funds for different

And lots more!
And lots more!

Join the movement and start


We focus on a low-fidelity wireframing tool to ensure the best mobile apps and websites

Design System

Our design structure was a blend of the brand elements of Gcain and usage of white space to make it easier for the users of varied age
brackets to interact with the app.


Proxima Nova


Proxima Nova



Design System

User interface design

The project called for the involvement of UI/UX Designers, Developers, and QA Experts’ whose combined efforts would result into
a robust experience.
User interface design

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