Voice translation apps are becoming increasingly important as they are quick and simple to use. In the present digital world, voice translation apps are more required. The implementation of voice translation apps has made things simpler. As we are living in a place where it is required to interact with various types of people from various cultures, countries, traditions, and interests, we certainly come across some barriers, mainly language. This can be easily resolved by using amazing voice translation apps. Voice translation apps may be easily installed on iOS or Android platforms. They can be built on both platforms effectively.

How voice translation app works

Users who need to travel for their work demands or various other reasons may make use of voice translation apps. Users may easily become aware of what another person is willing to convey in certain scenarios where language has become a great barrier. These Voice translation apps act as an ultimate tool where users tend to travel during vacation. Voice translation app works as mentioned below:

There is a great requirement for the integration of the three important components.

  • Automatic speech recognition (ASR)
  • Machine translation (MT)
  • Voice synthesis (TTS)

All three components need to be integrated during the Voice translation app development and design. Also, AR will identify the specific language through voice, and then by using the machine translation technology, it will translate the language and convey it through voice synthesis (TTS). In some cases, the translation will be required in the text form also. In order to obtain this, the voice or speech will be recognized and the result is then obtained in the spoken form. Also, your mobile will get converted to a powerful interpreter while the voice translation app is installed. This is the effectiveness of voice translation mobile app development!

Features of a voice translation app

There are many features worth considering while discussing Voice translation apps. Let's check the important features of the Voice translation app.

features of voice translation app


Registration of the users should be crafted so that a particular profile of the user is built and the user profile will be easily imported from any social media platform. Hence, it is an ultimate idea for incorporating social media logins also.

Voice/Speak element

By using the voice or speak element or attribute, any user can easily convey his or her views in a conversation.

Language/ Dialect

Almost all kinds of languages which are being used and spoken by people all over the world need to be included. This will make the user obtain many benefits.

Text or chatbox

If the voice message that is received has been sent using the text feature or messenger, it will simplify the entire process as the user will be able to clearly get an understanding of the translation as well as the voice. This feature will let the user change as well as adjust the application according to the user's interests.

text or chatbox

Access to files on the phone

Access to any files on the mobile is an attribute in the voice translation app that helps the user in getting direct access to the files from the mobile device.

Feedback or review

This is a mandatory feature or element that when incorporated can help the user to provide his/her feedback. Share feature makes your app become more popular as with this feature people will share the app and so many users will be able to know the voice translation app. The share feature will also be utilized for sharing the text content or transcribed audio through e-mail and many more.

Discounts or coupons

Discounts or coupons feature motivates the people in using the app and views the app on a daily basis as some of the people wait for special discounts and offers. The app will even function offline but with a limited approach. But this element or feature is highly useful and so it will be good to add in when designing the app. People can utilize the app if their internet is not working or when they are traveling or at any remote location. Help or support, as well as any other features, depends on the extent of the requirements.


Using the Voice translation apps is simple and quick. You need to approach a reliable translation app development company to create a robust app according to your requirements. Nextbrain Technologies is the top mobile app development company specialized in creating secure and scalable Voice translation apps with robust features and functionalities for clients globally.




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