Google has announced that the Kotlin language is now the most preferred programming language for its Android developers. The growth level of Kotlin has set foot into a new dimension. The number of android app developers learning and shifting to the Kotlin language has been increasing. According to a recent study by Google, many top android developers are utilizing Kotlin to develop Android applications. It is one of the most popular programming languages are over the world. Also, it has been expected that Kotlin may even alter how Java has been implemented on the server. Soon, Android developers with no knowledge of the Kotlin language need to learn it to offer an amazing user experience.

Major kotlin features that enhance android app development

Kotlin programming language has many important features that can enhance android application development. Let's check the major Kotlin features that improve Android app development.

Major kotlin features that enhance android app development


The important thing you need to become aware of Kotlin is it's an open-source language. Apart from being open-source, Kotlin also offers a single-click tool utilizing which expert app developers may convert the existing Java code. If you are a beginner and looking to learn Kotlin from scratch, we recommend you start with learning various online courses available for better understanding. This knowledge will support you in improving your skills.

Supports full Java interoperability

One of the significant features of Kotlin is its great interoperability with the programming language Java. This attracted many developers as well as android app programmers to get interested in learning Kotlin. Kotlin runs on JVM along with supporting Java tools and libraries, providing complete Java interoperability. Both these languages coexist which makes it simple for mobile app developers to be more efficient. Developers may simply build an android project in the two languages by using this function. This helps app developers to change the programming language instead of changing the entire code. It saves them time to create more Android applications.

Lazy loading feature

This lazy loading feature enhances the startup time that helps when implementing it for android app development. To say in simple words, it is the ultimate solution for all mobile app developers who are looking to eliminate the startup time of android apps by displaying the content of the app quickly. By implementing this feature, expert android developers will be able to load the resources into the primary memory that is required.

Data classes in kotlin

The requirement for a data class is always a puzzle for those who create programming languages. Also, a Java data class usually has more boilerplate code which Android app developers need to ignore for discovering the actual use of the code. Kotlin enables app developers to write similar to that of the Java code easily and also with less code. Hence, the data classes of Kotlin are popularly known as one of the useful features.

Extension functions

Extension functions of Kotlin language are very beneficial because they allow app developers to add methods to classes with no modifications to the source code. By using Kotlin, you may include various methods on each user basis to the classes. Kotlin extensions eliminate the requirements of having utility categories or methods that can improve the readability of the code dramatically.

Prevents crashes at runtime

Preventing the crashes at the runtime is an advanced feature as it is easy to find the NullPointerException along with assembling the development of your android app project. This ensures that each and every variable functions as a non-null as well as assists in preventing the number of crashes during runtime.

Prevents crashes at runtime

Low cost

It is one of the major reasons why Kotlin is preferred by many entrepreneurs. Kotlin is the low cost of choosing which is connected to its usage. It is a popular and open-source language, so it is not required to overspend on Kotlin to get the license. Also, when Kotlin is compared with various other programming languages, it's simple and quick to learn for developers.

Compact syntax

Kotlin is more efficient than Java for code and syntax clarity. It enables developers to obtain success with only a few lines of code. Also, the Android app developers from reputed mobile app agencies implement less code and Kotlin is making it more reliable and trustworthy with fewer errors and bugs. This feature also provides a lot of advantages including easy maintenance, simple readable code, and easy incorporation of changes at required times.


There are many important features of the Kotlin programming language that can enhance the process of android application development. This is the reason why many android developers choose Kotlin to develop robust Android apps. Nextbrain Technologies is the top Kotlin development company offering end-to-end Kotlin app development services and customized apps with user-friendly features.




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