Web design is the umbrella term for all the skills that are involved in the creation and the maintenance of a website. It includes both user interface(UI) design which is the design of the various elements in the website and user experience(UX) design which is where the user interaction with the website is designed to be as enjoyable as possible. However the web development industry is competitive, and the next generation of web design as they call it is already here.

What web 3.0 actually is

Web 3.0 emphasizes creative elements, unique color schemes and precision design elements that boost the overall design. This design is complemented with state of the art security and speed for the website. Performance is also increased with the help of new technologies. In this section we will see how exactly web 3.0 differs from anything that has come before it. We will also try to understand the choices web designers are making these days.

So how is web 3.0 different from any previous designs?

The most significant addition to the web 3.0 design is the addition of creative elements. It has become comfortable for designers to use background elements like shapes and such to be a navigational path. This has been possible because of modern tools. When used correctly, techniques taking the benefit of such shapes and blobs can highlight an important part of the website in a unique way. Web 3.0 is also known to use a lot more illustrations and visually enhancing content.

Reasons to include illustrations on your website

web 3.0 design

Following are many reasons to include illustrations to your website

They reduce complexity

Web designers used to rely on headlines to do their work for them previously, but these days illustrations highlight important elements of the website and thus reduce complexity.

They enhance brand image

Illustrations can showcase different brand values. You can visually see the difference when you look at different websites on how their values are reflected in their illustrations. Values, strength and qualities that can be portrayed through illustrations are far greater than copywriting.

Visual characters

Visuals help set your brand apart from the rest that may try to do business in the same niche as you.

Typography has also been a big thing in web 3.0, and good typography and font faces make a huge impression on the user. By learning the effect of different font faces and its effects, you can make a website not only look very professional but very attractive too.

Page builders are also keeping up with the trends

Page builders like visual composer and elementor are keeping up with the above changes that have come to the web development industry. However, squarespace, weblium and webflow are also improving their capabilities for the sake of designers. Elementor, which has almost 25 million downloads, is constantly evolving. Modern website builders or page builders use grid based builders that allow you to create stunning web pages without ever writing a single line of code.

web 3.0 design tools

web 3.0 design tools

Following are the trendy tools that designers use to create good web 3.0 websites


Sketch, which is a design tool available for macOS, is probably one of the best for web design. However it isn’t available for other operating systems. Sketch is highly sought after because it provides everything you need to design a good website. From prototyping, vector graphics and usual web design capabilities, it also features mobile app design and supports external plugins for added functionality. One can create grids, multiple layers and also edit photos in it. Most large brands use sketches for their website design these days.


Figma is a free to use web design tool that is seen as a competitor of Sketch. It is made for browsers, but a desktop version is also available. It has a large set of features and a shameless user interface which makes the work easy. It is very good for general vector work.


Lunacy is a windows based vector editing tool that is owned by Icon8. It has taken inspiration from Sketch, and it also supports Sketch files. Lunacy has huge community support, and new features are added based on popular vote for the program. It is completely free and is a fully functional standalone application with a lot of features that can design web 3.0 pages.

Inspirations to create web 3.0 design

You don't need to take an in-depth UX design course to learn good web design. There are many websites that can help you inspire you to create your own web 3.0 projects, some of which we will be discussing in this section.

Lapa ninja

This is one of the websites that has over 2000 listings on its library, and you can actually browse to the designs you need. It is not just blog or business websites that have examples, but other less used ones like portfolios, health or industrial website designs are also available here. It becomes really easy to see what design changes occur when you select a category.


One page websites are websites that do not have any other pages that are associated with them. Also called landing pages by some people, these one page websites come in different designs. OnePageLove is a website that has many different designs available for such websites, similar to lapa ninja. Each listing includes a full page screenshot and some details about the author.


Awwwards is one of the oldest running websites that help inspire web designers to design interesting websites. Unlike the above mentions, the idea here is that people submit unique website designs to the Awwwards and the highly voted ones appear at the top of the page. The people who submit can be picked by the awwwards committee, which will help them display a badge on their website proving their worth.


As you can already see, a new era of web design promises to be very productive and yet elegant to the customer. It is faster, has less flaws and is more interesting to work with as a developer. It will however,continue to evolve, as web development is a competitive industry, and is important if you especially want to do Ecommerce with it. Nextbrain technologies is one of the most experienced when it comes to web development. We have in-house UX and UI designers, who use the latest technologies and provide custom development strategies suited to your requirements. Do enquire with us if you have any web development requirements for your business or venture.




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