Nowadays, business marketers and entrepreneurs are well-aware of the relevance of having a strong digital presence for your business. However, for a potential online presence, it is important to select the best framework for web development. In recent times, most developers prefer Laravel as compared to other frameworks. As per the latest Google trends, Laravel acquired the highest ratio in the last few years rather than other frameworks. Considered as the value of interest over time, it is the globally relevant searched topic during the time period. In this blog, we will take a glance at the top industry verticals that have used Laravel as a potential framework for building their website.

Introduction to laravel

Laravel is considered an open-source and free PHP framework that is designed to develop web platforms centered on the model view controller (MVC) model. It offers robust web development which makes it the best choice framework for web development among developers and businesses. Let's take a look at the different features and benefits of using the Laravel framework for web development.

Features of laravel for web development

  • Promotes quick development as Laravel recluses the existing elements from other frameworks as well as programming languages
  • Effective Integration with third-party services enables the development of highly scalable and quality websites.
  • Have in-built 15+ modules and libraries.<
  • Laravel uses SQL injection attacks and hashed passwords making it the best choice for creating highly secure web platforms
  • The framework has a large community of active members.

Several top leading brands are effectively using this framework to make it a sought-after option for quality web development. Let's take a look at the top sites built with the Laravel framework.

Top sites created with laravel

Top sites created with laravel


Alison is regarded as one of the pioneers of e-learning platforms that provide online education and higher learning courses. Introduced during the year 2007, the e-learning platform provides different online courses, diplomas and certificates in several categories. These categories comprise IT, sales and marketing, health, business, language, personal development, teaching, academics, management and engineering. Having more than 20+ million users in 195 nations, Alison is on its way to converting the world's upskills.


Barchart is considered a global leading forex, stock, cryptocurrency and other future research platform intended to administer investors and traders with a quick overview of the market. The Barchart platform comprises a wide range of tools at one-stop for technical and fundamental research in global markets.

Invoice ninja

Invoice Ninja is an open-source invoicing solution that assists businesses as well as freelancers process payments. The functionality involves monitoring expenses, generating custom invoices as well as curating proposals. It offers users the freedom to select whether they desire to host it on their own infrastructure or use it through a public cloud. Recently, more than 170000 businesses count on Invoice Ninja for easy and fast invoicing. Invoice Ninja has been one of the premium invoicing solutions delivered through the SaaS model and used as a service software.

AlphaCoders is considered a creatively designed platform that helps in connecting content writers with their fans. This assists them to collaborate for great revenue and earning opportunities. With the help of this platform, one can search for avatars, art, images and more content. Alpha coders are mostly podiums created for content writers using a robust Laravel framework. For web development, it is always a wise idea to hire Laravel developers who have many years of expertise in developing effective Laravel platforms for business.


MyRank is one of the best e-learning platforms that are created with the Laravel framework. Renowned as India's leading self-assessment platform, MyRank provides online learning and proper mentorship to students who achieve several educational objectives. The platform offers support for the courses like GRE, Bank PO, Gate and MSc Agri. MyRank has acquired different milestones with its success stories.


Many people in the USA can rely on CheckPeople in their own way. It helps with tracking down people such as old people and classmates. CheckPeople is one of the popular websites developed with Laravel to search for basic information. The basic information involves background checks, criminal records, and many more. The platform has always made it clear for people to search email addresses and phone numbers. The platform is distinctive from other sites from design to navigation.

October CMS

October CMS is considered a content management system (CMS) platform which is open-source and free as well as self-hosted. It is considered an award-winning CMS platform established with the Laravel framework. The platform is trusted by many web developers as well as digital studios around the world. October CMS is a preferred choice by most professionals to establish online businesses. The reason behind such preference lies in the fact that the platform is effective and has reusable code capability saving valuable time for users. is one of the most popular Laravel developers having one of the best Laravel community portals for sharing knowledge and problem-solving. The Laravel website is created to comprise Laravel news; podcasts, articles and the website have all components that the developers require in Laravel web development. Therefore, while developing a website, it is important to adopt the Laravel development services of Nextbrain which are all-inclusive of different Laravel web solutions. The company have experienced developers who are highly skilled and have many years of experience in creating robust and highly scalable websites.

Final conclusion

After observing relevant facets of Laravel, it can be well suggested that Laravel is mostly favored by developers due to its flexibility and the ideal approach to web development. It can be utilized for developing high-performance, robust and scalable websites. Additionally, it also plays an important role in creating web applications. The laravel framework is highly suitable for developing websites for businesses across various industry verticals. As the top Laravel development company, Nextbrain offers a complete range of Laravel solutions to start-ups, enterprises and businesses. To know more about Laravel development solutions, connect with the expert professionals of our team.




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