Do you need a mobile application for your existing business? You must consider looking for the best mobile application design and development company in Kenya before taking the service. An effective mobile application requires the effective skills of proficient developers. It has been estimated that more than 70% of application success depends upon the expertise of the developer entrusted with the application development task. As you acknowledge the right app development and design agency for your work, you can expect a productive app design within budget and the implementation of proper features relating to the enterprise. In this context, we have created a list of the top mobile app design and development companies in Nairobi, Kenya. Prior to taking up the services of app development, you can consider the companies and find the right fit for you.

Mobile app design

AlignMinds Technologies

As the award-winning technology company in Kenya, Alignminds mainly specializes in cloud platforms and mobility solutions. It is a mass service provider of web design, strategy, mobile app design and development, cybersecurity, and DevOps services. By spreading its branches over the US and Africa, it also has offices in five continents. The company is counted among the best app design and development companies in the world. It has multifaceted success stories in areas such as consulting, publishing, logistics, education, media, non-profit, healthcare, retail, and other entertainment sectors. In the present market scenario, it is established as an agency with diverse success stories, experience, clients, and recognition worldwide.

Lafont Innovation LLC

Lafont specializes in administering business concepts depending on technology for business purposes. The company has divided its departments into two sections; developers and investors. As developers, they also create their own clients' UI and UX design, perform software development, website, mobile application design and development, and many others. From the investors' perspective, the company invests in startup organizations and enterprises across the globe in order to support them in achieving outcomes.

Nextbrain Technologies

By validating hard work, efforts, and professionalism, Nextbrain has been able to establish itself as the leading mobile application design and development company in Nairobi, Kenya. It caters to the needs of customers and clients in the region and offers superior quality products and services in the African market. The design and development team uses advanced technology and innovations such as HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Node JS, Laravel PHP framework, WordPress, to build the web application and Swift, Java, to build iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile applications. The company has been recognized as one of the expertise in on-demand mobile applications. Having worked on diverse projects, it has success stories ranging in logistics, delivery management, healthcare, retail industry, education, online food ordering and delivery, and different other industries. It has its offices in the USA and African countries serving the giant nations seamlessly.

eLuminous Technologies

With more than 17 years of experience, eLuminous Technologies proffers a range of digital solutions such as website development, website design, mobile application design and development, effective business intelligence, front-end development, and so forth. The company caters to providing superior quality and personalized solutions to clients. The services they offer are an amalgamation of excellent performance, advanced approaches, and an authentic management process. Following the five characteristics like splendid UI/UX, tested products and services, timely delivery, technical proficiency, and customer-driven services, the company has earned the repute of a top app development and design company in Kenya.


Among the various technology companies, SovTech is another mobile app design and development company in Nairobi, Kenya. As a custom quality software development company, it administers premium software development and design services to clients around the world. It has a core team of software developers who have many years of expertise in providing end-to-end software solutions to clients. Additionally, it creates cloud software solutions for businesses. In this age of modernization, their main aim is to integrate advanced technologies into business processes so as to promote business growth and revenue generation. They help to connect business functions with advanced software, technology advancement, services, and solutions.


WebPinn is a top-notch website and mobile application development company based in Nairobi, Kenya. The developers in this company have a well-expertise of the development services and online marketing solutions. With their effective and on-time delivery of products and services, they have become one of the tops development companies in Kenya. They value the client's precious time and money and provide premium quality services to them. Their main motto is to provide customer-driven solutions that are completely fit for the client's business. The developers and company teams work closely with all work departments to ensure producing creative solutions.

Krom Systems

Krom Systems have a complete team of designers and developers that have experience of more than five years in providing best-in-class solutions. They are dedicated to offering effective mobile applications on iOS and Android. They also offer stand-alone and combined applications with web systems. Beginning from web design to web development, mobile app design, and development, the company provides a variety of services that will make you stand out from the competition. They develop progressive web applications, highly-responsive websites, and web systems as required.

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Are you on the lookout for making a mobile app for your business? Then it is an investment from which you will gain benefits in the long term. However, prior to taking the service, you must consider selecting the right mobile app design and development company for completing your work. Choosing the right developer at the right point in time will help you to complete the mobile application development and design works. In this context, it is important to mention that Nextbrain Technologies is the leading mobile app development company in Nairobi, Kenya, offering a bucket full of top-quality services such as web design and development, mobile applications, and so forth. They have excellent communication strategies and agile development tools to develop high-end solutions for clients across the globe. The company has a complete team of professionals and developers who have many years of proficiency in different projects. Connect with the experts to get more knowledge about mobile applications.




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