Nowadays trend of mobile apps are on rise. Today mobile apps are not only for big brands like Flipcart and Snapdeal. Today more and more small and medium size businesses are following mobile trends whether it is simple grocery shop or a beauty parlor. It is very important to understand that mobile strategy involves more than just a mobile friendly website. Only a website is not enough to stay in competition, you need to facilitate more. Those businesses using mobile apps are successful to take their marketing to next level. Mobile apps have ability to understand customer’s intention and they are very helpful to create more business. Let us see how they going to do that.


At first phase customer want to gather information. Mobile apps help Retailers to give additional information about their store or products and a few suggestions to decide. Biggest benefit of having mobile app for your business is user gets all information right at their fingertip whether it is special sell or coupons. Through push notification you can easily remind users about your new products, coupons, discounts etc.


Many consumer needs assistance to buy a product. You can provide demo video of product to make them understand about product and can convince them to buy it. Many users prefer to buy physically, so mobile app enable you to give direction your store from whether they are.

Ahead of your competitor

Although craze of mobile apps are on boom, but still at middle or lower level, only 20% of businesses own mobile app. So be the first in your locality to offer mobile app for buying. Mobile app will raise standard of your business.

Customer loyalty

Are you still using old school ways to impress your user like roadside banners, billboards, flashing signs, newspaper ads, flyers, coupons, websites, website banners, Facebook ads, and email marketing? Now these ways are not so much effective because all are using same techniques. User now ignores these, because he is surrounded by all of these. Now it’s time to get closer to your customer through mobile apps.

Business analysis

Mobile apps can help to understand the rise and fall of demands of each product. Best sellers, average performers, seasonal demands, purchase patterns can tip business on optimizing their portfolio, procurement and product recommendations.

Data gathering

Mobile apps are easiest mode to understand customer’s behavior, expectation and their information. If you know your audience well and tailor your products/services accordingly, it will translate as improved customer loyalty.

So now it is hard to find an excuse for not having a mobile app for you existing online store. Although giving you quick review of benefits of having mobile apps for you and your customers.

Benefits of mobile apps for business

- More visibility and accessibility.

- Increase loyalty.

- Reinforce your brand.

- Increase sell.

- Increase exposure across mobile devices.

- Connect you with on the go consumers.

Benefits of mobile apps for users

- Easy access.

- Store at their fingertip.

- Get direction to your store.

- Notification on special offers.

- One touch access to your contact information.

How to get started

If you also wondering to own an e-commerce app for your existing store, but it is always recommended to get started with readymade mobile e-commerce app building solution. There are various mobile e-commerce app building solution like Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce and CMSes like WordPress etc.

So if you also want to own e-commerce app, write to us. We will help your to get perfect app based on your business preferences. We are expertise in building robust, fast, smooth apps with great navigation and UI/UX.




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