Technology has been evolving at its best pace in recent times. Searching has become easier with voice technology. Smartphones have achieved new goals with voice search technology. As per a recent search, it has been estimated that more than 60% of smartphone users utilize voice to achieve tasks as well as make potential searches on the internet. Voice search is highly convenient making it beneficial for multitasking individuals on the go.

Voice recognition technology paved the way for various voice-search technologies. Several technological giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and many others have integrated voice search technologies within their products. Voice search integrated with devices has enhanced the potential to search across the internet in a streamlined manner. Voice search has enhanced the Google algorithm of search engines to upgrade. This blog will put emphasis on the major prospects of voice search technology and how it is responsible for mobile applications. The integration of voice search technology has enabled various business domains to stay ahead of the competition.

The relevance of voice search technology in mobile app development

With the passing years, voice search is becoming popular in the digital environment. Within a digital ecosystem, several devices can run similar applications for better functionality. Smart home devices can run these applications on phones too. For instance, if you are listening to music on Wynk on your smartphone and desire to listen to it with a smart home speaker, then you can command them to play your playlist easily. Applications can now easily focus on offering experiences. Different social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are specially designed to rule the social media platform, which can be integrated with voice search to offer better experiences.

Why is the integration of voice search technology into mobile applications vital?

Depending on the market data analysis, we have curated multiple reasons to assist you to understand why voice search is integral in mobile app development services.

Integration of Voice search technology in mobile apps

Voice search is convenient easy

Most users are in favor of voice search mostly during the time they have got their hands full such as driving and cooking. Voice search helps people in critical situations.

Voice searching technology is growing fast

Contrary to other smart technologies, voice search is improving with every passing day after integrating artificial intelligence that enabled it to learn and improve. The number of companies that are investing in voice recognition technology is increasing fast which has led to its utilization in mobile applications.

Voice searches are mainstream

When it comes to selecting between traditional searches and voice search, voice search technology is becoming the fastest-growing technology that is integrated into mobile apps. It is not only time-saving but also convenient in the case of multitasking.

Voice search assists senior people & disabled people

With the help of voice search, disabled people and senior people can have access to anything on the Internet. As they are not used to typing on smartphones and searching, voice search can turn out to be a boon for them. It makes their search effortless and convenient.

Voice search supports multiple languages

When it comes to voice search technology for languages, one can add as many languages as one can. As a multilingual format, voice search can display data to users in different ways in their native language. It can provide information better to individuals.

What are the ways to integrate voice search technology into your mobile app?

In order to integrate voice search technology into your app, one needs to look for different things. These things include a third-party SDK and deployment model. One can get voice search technologies solutions capable of accomplishing your searches in a professional manner with just voice commands.

Integrate Voice search technology in mobile apps

Cloud model

Cloud version is seamless contrary to the embedded model as all processes occur on a cloud server. In order to access all voice search features one needs to connect to the Internet only. This concept diminishes data load on smartphones.

Embedded model

Embedded models are created for unstable internet connections. This is because users can access all data without connecting with an active internet connection.

Google cloud text to speech API

Google cloud text-to-speech API SDK has ample features that offer more than 100 voices for 120 languages. Most developers are capable of using SDK for synthesizing natural-sounding speech in smartphone devices.

Voice search in mobile applications revolutionizing businesses

With enhanced user experience

The process of establishing a digital platform is considered one thing. However, it became challenging to provide something for a better user experience. Voice search can be incorporated into your application. Voice search recognition technology is highly flexible and offers a seamless user experience.

Promoting better customer relationships

Voice search technology provides your application with a very personalized experience. Users are capable of communicating in the fastest possible way as voice assistants are rapid.

Artificial intelligence

As you combine voice search technology with artificial intelligence, you can unlock several newer opportunities for your business. With the help of the integration of voice assistants into Artificial Intelligence, users are capable of interacting with your application and the AI technology.

Final thought

When it comes to a proper mobile application, the aim should always be to make it user-centric. Regardless of the rendition of the application, it has to focus on the user experience and establish the foundation of the app. Voice search has become significant in mobile applications which are available across different platforms. It is relevant to adapt to the recent trends to stay important for the audience. Looking for voice search technology integrated mobile apps for your business? Nextbrain is the leading mobile app development company in London providing custom quality mobile applications to different industry verticals. The company comprises experienced professionals having many years of expertise in creating exclusive mobile app development solutions for businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the voice search feature?

The voice search feature is a kind of important perk integrated into voice search technology mobile applications. The voice search feature can be used by turning on the voice assistant module within the application. It is easy and voice search makes it possible by displaying data to users in distinct ways in their native language.

How do I optimize my website for voice search?

As the leading mobile app development company in London, Nextbrain has emphasized the way voice search is becoming more popular and websites get more opportunities to optimize for queries from voice users. A website can be optimized with voice search in such ways:

  • Using long-tail keywords
  • Transforming queries into questions
  • Optimizing website content
  • Mobile-friendly mobile design
  • Using conversational language
  • Optimizing for future snippets
  • Make your 'Google My Business' profile effective
  • Last but not the least, it is relevant to localize your experience

In this way, voice search can be easily optimized on your website.

How does voice search technology impact SEO, and how to benefit from it?

Voice recognition has become popular in recent times. With voice queries, people are more inclined to search queries by using conversational language. Voice search impacts SEO in a number of ways by optimizing your business for search engines. With voice recognition, users are more likely to make longer sentences of query ultimately focusing on longer keyword queries resulting in more organic traffic. As voice search has focussed on semantic search, it is integrated into mobile apps, websites and many more providing consumers and users with newer ways to execute things faster and more efficiently.

Is voice search the upcoming revolution in search engines?

As most users are busy with their hectic schedules, they ought to make voice searches significantly reducing search time and effort. As per the latest study, it has been seen that more than 70% of all searches are voice-based laying forth the massive future of the voice recognition revolution.




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