As more devices are getting connected to network connectivity, things are getting digitized in an extravagant manner. There is an increasing pool of data that needs to be analyzed for different aspects of life. In recent years, technological advancement has spread its magic across different industrial areas, and the area that has advanced is video analytics.

Leveraging a number of alarms, access control devices, and video surveillance, AI technology easily contributes to the security and monitoring capabilities of industrial establishments. In this blog post, we will lay emphasis on AI video analytics and how it is transforming safety operations in different industries.

What are AI and Video Analytics?

What are AI and Video Analytics

AI analytics utilizes the potential of advanced machine learning techniques to shift from conventional methods of time-consuming tasks to automated tasks and data analysis. It is capable of analyzing any unstructured video data harnessing the data analytics tools. The technology has gained immense popularity in the recent years as a result of its excellent benefits in different industries. AI video analytics uses the latest AI technologies to curate better results.

Why choose AI-enabled video analytics solutions for businesses?

Acquiring CCTV video data footage and analysis of events can take a longer time and often yields little results. However, AI-based analysis of video data enables instant notification alerts in special events of security breaches preventing false alarms. This enables industrial authorities to take prompt action to prevent any mishappenings and mitigate damages. In this context, it is important to take a look at the advantages of the way AI video analytics is modifying the security scenario within industrial premises.

Rapid search analysis

One of the best advantages of AI-enabled video analytics is it can assist security operators in rapidly searching through video footage and analyzing any specific incident generating actionable insights significantly.

Human & object recognition