For any product that is on the internet, there are bound to be similar products, possibly better than the ones that you are trying to sell. This is because of the sheer size of the market. Even if you consider language barriers, location-based segregation and other types of factors that may help you in this regard, the competition is significant. That is why you will have to market your product on the internet if you want a significant amount of leads. This is where the term search engine optimization(SEO) comes in to help businesses on the internet. SEO is a technique applied on most websites that sell products or are a service themselves. The SEO tactics applied on the website help it to rise high on the search engine results page(SERP) of different search engines, thereby attracting more people to it.

Assuming that your product has a significant amount of quality in it, you will start receiving more internet traffic to your website when you employ SEO strategies. After that, there are some techniques in SEO that help convert a portion of that traffic into customers. In this article, we are going to discuss exactly what those techniques are, and how other digital marketing skills can significantly help you in this regard. SEO is more complicated than we will be able to cover here, but after reading this, you will have a better understanding of what you will have to do to succeed in the market.

How to generate more leads using SEO tactics?

Following is a step by step procedure to generate more leads using SEO strategies. With other things like social media taken care of, you can significantly gain leads and grow your business if you do it right.

how to generate more leads using seo tactics

Identify your target audience

The first part of any SEO strategy is to identify the target audience. The SEO team does this by analysing the product, competitors and the fluctuating market. The status of these potential customers is monitored continuously. SEO also separates the target audience demographically and helps formulate marketing plans that will reach such demographics in the best possible manner. SEO strategies also help in determining what the target audience really wants and this can then be integrated into the product. The marketing plan can incorporate any personalization requirements as found by the SEO team while doing customer research.

Optimise your webpage

SEO mainly works on web pages. It helps build an effective information hierarchy onto the website and tries to incorporate whatever search engine algorithms require to help recognise the website as better than other websites that might be selling similar products. This means that SEO identifies flaws in web design and helps designers fix them. Both the navigational and aesthetic side of the website and technical issues that determine things like speed and other performance characteristics are improved in this stage.

Directly engage with leads

Many websites have a lot of indirect means that they use to engage with leads. These may be things like FAQs, automated reply bots that cannot retrieve more information for the customer. These are considered outdated strategies. SEO can help you guide how you can engage with leads directly. This can be either in the form of guidance of page design specifically to get to know your leads better or incorporating chatbots that have artificial intelligence to help converse with your leads better. Many leads come through the backlinks that SEO helps set up, so it has a big role to play in the direct engagement of new customers. It can also help track potential customer activity on the website.

Use user-generated content

SEO strategies will help you make the best of what is called user-generated content. On your website to help impress potential customers on your website. User-generated content are things like reviews, comments, and shares of your website content. These can be showcased on your website as testimonials, and with the help of SEO and social media marketing, turn existing customers into people who market your product. You can include things like giveaways for a limited number of times to draw your audience at certain points in your marketing phase.

Integrate new technology

SEO just like any other digital marketing technique must change with the times, and therefore must help integrate new technologies into your website. This can be anything from redesigning the UX and UI of your website to help your product be more presentable to upgrading the security of the website. SEO is thus critical in keeping up with market demands in various fields. SEO can help figure out tools that help automate certain parts of your marketing process, which will help minimize both your cost and time associated with marketing. This as you can see is incredibly helpful to the marketing process. SEO is usually paired up with social media marketing and email marketing because they work very well together. Depending on the particular product and market conditions, SEO and digital marketing will help enormously in the prediction, marketing and analysis of your marketing efforts.


Generating leads is an absolutely important part of your digital business, and now that you know, SEO can help greatly in this process. Both organic traffic and paid traffic can be increased by SEO tactics and immediate replies to anyone who is interested are some of the strategies that are used to Nextbrain is a leading digital marketing and SEO company based in Bangalore, which is also called the IT capital of India.

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