The term “CHATBOT” is short form of its actual name “Chatter robot”. As clear from the name, it is a type of conversational agent, a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users via auditory or textual methods. So Chatbots are natural way of communication in compare to other messenger applications.

If you have watched movie Ironman, Avengers then you have seen the character “JARVIS” with whom iron man used to talk with where JARVIS provides all the information to the Ironman whatever he needs. It is a perfect example of Chatbots.

The creation of boot platforms and Chatbots is very new and exciting trend in the development of messengers. Today many messengers supporting Chatbots like Microsoft’s Bot framework for Skype bots, telegram’s bot platform 2.0, and Facebook’s Bots for messenger. These all have been released within past few years. It adds additional capabilities to the apps that people like.

As for example “KIK”, which is very popular in USA especially among teenagers, launched a new “bot shop” few times ago. Now KIK users can talk to bots that will answer questions about the weather, show funny videos or help with online shopping.

Another example is “SLACK” a messaging service used by businesses, has partnered with Taco Bell to introduce “Taco bot” that helps slack users order ahead for meals at local outlet.

Many Developers believes that Chatbots can replace native applications altogether because Creation, maintenance and update of Chatbots are cheaper than native applications, with Chatbots there is no need of API, bots can learn from the users and Chatbots can replace lots of apps which need to be installed.





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