Even if your organization has developed a website a few years back, you may require to redesign the website following the current trends to make your website effective so that it can give best results. It is necessary to understand that your website plays a critical role in your customer acquisition and will impact the overall revenue and sales. Nowadays, website developers completely focus on many factors while developing or redesigning the website and thus keep changing by keeping in mind all the business needs.

No longer reflects your brand

To be considered seriously, it’s very essential for your website to depict a strong brand image which clearly portrays your company and shows the essence of your brand. If your company has a strong brand image it can take your business to the higher level and make you stand ahead of your competitors.

Website design is outdated

web design

As the design trends change every few years, a website which is old can be outdated easily  if your competitor has an up to date website with the latest design trends. The modern website design trends now come up with simple patterns which are two dimensional with a modern and clean look that serves mobile interfaces as well as desktops.

Not responsive

If the website has responsive design, it means the website is easily adaptable to all screen sizes or any screen resolutions. The responsive website design can help your users to navigate your website across all devices and assist in providing a better user experience. Also, Google will check if your website is mobile-friendly or not. If your website is not responsive then it affects the website traffic, credibility, sales, and lead generation.

Not generating leads

The appearance of your business website plays a crucial role in generating leads for your business. It is essential to have the right flow of navigation on your website. For this, you must consider revisiting the landing pages of your business website along with the proper call to action and streamlined website design that lets you to notice where they are falling about. It is required to make essential improvements to grab your customer attention on your business website.

Not optimised for search engines


Redesigning a website can assist you to enhance the website architecture so that it is more search engine friendly. A website redesign helps to boost the coding and make the website more SEO friendly by using URLs, H1, H2, H3 tags, page titles and Alt tags by using an advanced content management system (CMS) that gives you great flexibility and helps in optimizing your website.

Website built on outdated technology

The website which you built with outdated technologies may be difficult for the search engines to read and access on mobile devices. The website may also run on plugins which have not updated from the past few years. So to update the website using advanced technology and plugins helps your website to show better and efficient results offering a good user experience for the website visitors.

Not meeting content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy assists you to have trus, increase website traffic and leads. If you have plans to implement a content marketing strategy and your current website architecture does not have a proper content strategy, a website redesign can make the process simple for visitors to notice your content. A new website assists you to have a better foundation to have you on the right path to proper content marketing.

Not secured

cyber security

Nowadays the main concerns of any entrepreneur or a company is cyber security.  Even entrepreneurs or small businesses are just as susceptible to viruses and website hacking as larger businesses. If the website was built many years ago and has not been updated from that time, it is easy to say that your website is at a greater risk for hacking and malware.


If any businesses or entrepreneurs want their website to grab the customer's attention and rank high in the competitive market, then it is necessary to redesign their website. For this, you need to hire the best website development company which can assist you in designing a new website or revamp your existing website. Always keep in mind that your website appearance will improve the performance of your business and can increase your sales. Nextbrain Technologies is the best web and mobile app development company in Bangalore offering amazing website design services based on the current market trends.




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