Achieve cross-platform compatibility by targeting a larger audience with Xamarin application development. Nextbrain brings your mobile apps idea to life across multiple operating systems.

Xamarin application development

We deliver perfect hybrid and native applications with the Xamarin, which is the most effective development tool. Xamarin is a medium of C# that needs a single code base for building native apps for all major platforms . Our developers utilize the Xamarin tool to design, develop, integrate and test applications.

We use all the necessary tools to make the Xamarin mobile apps more easy, smooth and fun to use. Moreover, apps developed using Xamarin bring a lot of benefits, including high performance and cost effectiveness. The use of Xamarin enables us to speed up our application development process and offer the best to clients at the least prices.

Our services

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Cross-platform application development

Xamarin lets our developers use the same language, data structure and APIs, targeting them with a single C# code base.

iOS app development

The company uses Xamarin to effectively develop mobile applications for the platform of iOS systems.

Android app development

We can build android apps to extend the presence of your business one of the most popular platforms today.

Windows phone app development

Apps for Windows systems are developed easily by Nextbrain by using the Xamarin framework.

Software support and maintenance

We undertake different aspects of maintenance including bug maintenance, site-specific requests, software upgrade, testing and code optimization.

Our way of work



High performance compiled codes are designed in Objective-C, java, and C# with xamarin for the development of apps

Code imparting

Code imparting

This is done to diminish the time and expense of creating high-performing versatile applications crosswise over various stages and gadgets.



We testing the performance of iOS and android apps on hundreds of devices instantly, using Xamarin.



Nextbrain uses Xamarin in the mobile services for coding, testing, deploying and supporting the different back end processes.



Nextbrain uses Xamarin insights that giving developers the best experience possible for crash reporting and distribution.

Our strength

Stay tunned with latest OS and device versions

C# Language

The code base for mobile apps built on Xamarin is developed by using different variants of the C# language.


This is used along with portable class libraries as well as visual studio to develop android and iOS apps completely.

Objective C

Xamarin's command line tool used to automate the process of creating a binding to an Objective-C library

.Net Framework

The Xamarin.Mac .NET 4.5 framework allows you target existing full desktop assemblies that are found on the web or downloaded.

Save time and cost

Building base android application in Xamarin platform and converting same code into iOS & Windows phone platform will save huge cost and time.

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Nextbrain app development work flow

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