Property rental booking application is one of the most and widely used application these days. It is one of favorite application of those people who have to travel from one place to another place for work and especially those tourists who have great appetite to travel. So want to start your business with this wonderful idea. But I know you have heard that mobile application is kind of big deal and you can't figure out how to get this. So don’t worry we have solution for your problem. We will help you to develop application of your kind with fully loaded features according to market standard.

Our team is efficiently able to provide you handy, Reliable, fast, secured application of same type. So get application so amazing and loaded with features that will be so hard to miss. You just need to buy the application of your convenience and look for the services of your choice according to the application.

Key features of vacation rental booking application

vacation rental booking application development company
  • Easy search of rooms by city
  • User friendly room list by grid view, map and list view.
  • Users can see full details of a particular room via application
  • Major payment gateway integrations
  • Excellent vendor and admin panel management

Web , iPhone and Android front end application features list

Search rooms by city

User can search room by entering city, check in, check out and number guests. It will show the title, rating, price, room type, reviews of customer, photos and also location of room in map.

Book a room

Users can find the available rooms based on their search and filter the room according to current location. After selecting a particular room users can book the room and pay.

Booking confirmation

After booking user will get booking message on his registered email ID. In next step room owner and application admin will get notification regarding room booking.

Chat option

Our application facilitates users to send message to room owner and room owner can also revert back to the message. In chat they can exchange text, photo, audio, video and location.

Sharing in social network

User can invite his friend to join the application by email or he can share his unique ID on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram etc.

User earning

User can also earn through this application. User will get rewarded after each joining through his unique Id that he can use during room booking.


User can easily create account by signing up using Facebook or mutually by entering his personal info. Account creation will be compulsory for users to booking.


Our application is compatible in all resolutions of android and iPhones devices.

Admin panel features

Admin profile

Admin can create his profile in the admin panel and if necessary he can edit his profile too. Admin will take care of banners and contents of website.

Admin panel dashboard

We are providing advanced admin panel dashboard in which modules like payment histroy, manage listing, group, language, orders etc.., are included.

Add property

Property owner can request admin to list his property for rent. Admin can accept or rejects owner’s request. Of course, they manage it.


Admin can view daily visitors, page view, reservation made and enquiries of customer. He can respond to the enquiries of customer.

Booking status

Admin can see booking requests and status regarding any property. After approval from owner admin can confirm booking to the customer.

Manage users

Admin can manage room and its location through Admin panel. He has full authority to reject a particular room owner or room renter from the application.

Payment security

Admin can look after the rent of particular property according to its value. He will make sure that any owner will not charge more rent according to market.

How the business model will work?

Flow chat

Major similar key players in the industry now

Airbnb : Founded in 2008 and based in San Francisco, California is a trusted community marketplace for people to book unique accommodation around world.
HouseTrip : An UK based company founded in 2010 providing accommodation globally.
Tripigator : Startup founded by an IIT graduate headquarter in Bangalore is now a part of incredible India providing accommodation in India.
Stayz : Australia’s largest rental website over 40,000 properties in over 2,000 locations.
Tripping : China based company serves globally in property rental sector.

Revenue model

Property rental booking application proved a key in the success in online business. It had been established and proved one of most profitable business in the field of booking. You can earn easily and successfully huge amount of profit and can develop your business.

In property rental application customers has to pay fare once his books desired room to the room owner. There will be already fixed share of application owner will be defined. Once customer will make payment to the driver, application owner will receive his commission per room. It is present in the admin setting in the admin panel.

There are another thousands of additional way through which application owner can earn money like he can sell Advertising space with help of Google AdSense or he can create job board on his application where recruiter can post their job or He can promote products as an affiliate.

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