Mobile dating application is such type of application which quickly gains attention and attracts huge traffic over internet. We know that there are about 60% population of our country is youth population. And youth are very keen for such type of application. There are many examples of websites and application which proved that these are type of applications is like golden bird in the field of E-commerce. This is one of the most profitable and widely spread applications.

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Key features of social dating application

social dating application
  • Users can find the nearby friends by GPS location
  • View the interetsed profile and send the friends request
  • Match the profiles
  • Matched friends can chat together
  • Access profile, share friends and their interested activities

iPhone and Android front end application features list

Users sign up

User can register himself in to this application using Facebook. Application needs to store their profile information, friend’s information and interest from their Facebook profile.

View profile

After registration user can view the profile of a particular user. User can see his cover pictures, current location and some other information.

Discover setting

Users can enable or disable the discover option. Through discover setting application will Filter the matches by distance, age and gender settings option.

Like or Ignore

There will be a feature of like or ignore through which an user can like or ignore the profile of another user.

Facebook friend list

This application will show the whole list of user’s Facebook friends who are using this application.


Users can chat with each other. The message will contain picture of user, date and time at which message has been send. One user can also search another user in chat option. He can also share the moments through chat.


User can create a moment in which Moment of photos will be shared with all matches in 24 hrs. One user can see the moment of another user and full information regarding the moment.

Push notifications

Users will receive the notifications in matches, messages and moment likes. Notification can On/Off from settings.

Admin panel features

Admin settings

Admin can update the profile, change password, edit his information, change his cover pic, and can also delete his account. He can give authority to new admin and sub admin to handle the account.

Admin panel dashboard

We are providing advanced admin panel dashboard in which modules like users, likes, dislikes, matches, chat and etc.., report will be available.

Customizable preference

Discovery preference will be configured from the admin panel and are dynamically updated to the application.


All the matches of the profile can be viewed and identified by admin side.

Reports and spams

Admin can see the entire list of people who got reported and by whom with reason. He can take necessary action against it.

Profile likes

Admin can view the profile likes of all users and can analyse who is getting popular on his application.

Strong database

This application builds with very strong database, so that no information can be leaked or no profile can be hacked.

How the business model will work?

Flow chat

Major similar key players in the industry now

Meeting indians online : One of the fastest growing Indian dating sites helping out singles living in India and across the globe looking out for romance, love and friendship.
How do I date : USA based application widely used in all over world.
Love and Friends : One of the major dating website Headquarter in London.
First Met : Japan based start-up growing very fast in the business.
Choma : Very new dating site holding market very fastly in South Africa.

Revenue model

Online dating application attracts huge traffics on internet. So it is most profitable application present today in the market.

Lots of traffic means lots of clicks and lots of business. Earning is very high in these types of application. Admin can sell advertising space on his website. It effective way to earn on these types of website. Admin can connect his account to Google AdSense and can earn very much more than you actually imagine.

There are another thousands of additional way through which application owner can earn money like he can create job board on his application where recruiter can post their job or He can promote products as an affiliate.

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