You might have seen a long queue outside any clinic to get a doctor appointment. This is a major problem faced by patients in our country and other parts of world. So Clinic appointment management system application can be used to sort out these problems. People will need such type of application very badly. This will attract a huge traffic. So start your business with this amazing idea and grow your organization unlimited.

Now you are wondering from where to get these types of application. So don’t worry we are here to help you. Now to get this application all you need, a team who can develop application for you can take care of all the process of the application. So don’t worry, be happy, you are at the right place. We are same type of team you are looking for.

Our team is efficiently able to provide you handy, reliable, fast, secured application of same type. So get application so amazing and loaded with features that will be so hard to miss. You just need to buy the application of your convenience and look for the services of your choice according to the application.

Key features of patient appointment booking application

Patient appointment bookign application
  • Patient can register into application with report
  • View the list of doctors & their profile from clinic
  • Request the appointments and manage it.
  • Patients can discuss directly with doctors in chat
  • Reminder notification about the appointment date and time

iPhone and Android front end application features list

Patient registration

Before booking an appointment through this application patients need to registered. Users have to add their details and create an account, after that they can get appointment through this application.

Clinic doctors list

Patients can get the list of doctors and can view the profile of particular doctor like his specialization, experience, acadamics etc.


Patient can request an appointment in clinic with particular doctor based on their needs. They can also view appointment list.


Patients can update their profile, manage appointments, notification settings, change password and logout.

Confirm appointment

Doctor can confirm appointment of patient and assign a date and time to patient according to his schedule.

Reminder notification

Users will receive the remainder notification regarding their appointment. Also apppointment date will be stored in phone default calendar too.

Chat between patient and doctor

Patients can communicate with doctors via instant chat. So they can discussion about treatment, schedule and etc.., Of course, they can send the text, images, audio and video file.

Clinic infrastructure

Patients can access the clinic infrastructure of photos, testimonials, clinic profile, videos and their awards etc..,

Admin panel features

Admin profile

Admin can manage the entire application at back end like profile, patients, doctors, inquiries and etc..,

Manage doctors

Add and manage the doctors with their photo, personal information, experience, acadamic information and etc.., Also admin can send the mail from back end.

Appointment management

Admin can view the complete list of appointment scheduled for particular clinic and doctor. Of course, it will have provision to accept or reject the appointment.

Patients management

View the list of patients and their profile & appointments list. It should have option to add, edit, delete and search.


Admin can view all the enquiry and queries posted by the patients the application. He can respond to their questions with proper information and answers.


Admin can add and manage the photos which will be available to patient in their application. So they will get clear vision about the infrastructure.

CMS management

We have option to add and manage the entire content pages of mobile apps in back end. We offer 100% dynamic application.

How the business model will work?

How the business model will work?

Major similar key players in the industry now

Docpulse : Bangalore based start-up helps in help patients in booking appointment in Bangalore.
Mayoclinic : USA based clinic appointment booking company headquartered in Minnesota.
Healthsite : Australia based clinic Appointment Company headquarter in Brighton known for quick appointment date.
Americanclinictokyo : It is an appointment based company situated in japan founded by an American.
Tricare : Tricare is registered and official website of Defence Health Agency and is used to book clinic appointment for defence employee in Europe.

Revenue model

Clinic appointment management is nowadays becomes need for the common people. People especially with hectic life schedules and those people who belong to rural area will definitely go for these types of application. So very soon this application will capture market.

In Clinic appointment management application patient has to pay fee for his appointment with doctor. There will be already fixed share of application owner will be defined. Once patient will make payment to the clinic or doctor, application owner will receive his commission per passenger. It is present in the admin setting in the admin panel.

There are another thousands of additional way through which application owner can earn money like he can sell Advertising space with help of Google AdSense or he can create job board on his application where recruiter can post their job or He can promote products as an affiliate.

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