Hotel booking application is one of the famous online business exists in the world. Lots of people joined with this business and earn good money. This business has lots of scope because every day millions of people travel from one place to another for business, studies, jobs, tour etc, and they need an accommodation for it. They even don’t have enough time and patience to search a hotel in the city, go to every hotel and search for room according to their choice and comfort. So they will look for same type of application through which they can access all hotels present in the city and can book their accommodation online. So if you come up with this idea then this is one of coolest and profitable business.

Now to get this application all you need, a team who can develop application for you can take care of all the process of the application. So don’t worry, be happy, you are at the right place. We are same type of team you are looking for.

Our team is efficiently able to provide you handy, reliable, fast, secured application of same type. So get application so amazing and loaded with features that will be so hard to miss. You just need to buy the application of your convenience and look for the services of your choice according to the application.

Key features of hotel booking application

Hotel booking application development company
  • Our application facilitates you to see nearby hotels by user location
  • Application will saves valuable time of customer as they can access all hotels of the city
  • Multiple language support
  • Major payment gateway integrations
  • Responsive vendors and admin panel support

Web , iPhone and Android front end application features list

Search hotel

User can search hotel nearby to his location. He can also search hotel manually by entering preferred location. He can also see the status of room availability.


User can filter hotel and hotel room according to his convenience and budget like Ac room or non Ac room, Hotel according to star rating, according to location, price, rating, owner etc.

Standard output

When user will search for a hotel he will get hotel list with owner name, room types, price range, and rating. User can also room photos of room which he wants to book and can see and read rating and reviews of earlier customer.

Book a room

After selecting a particular room, user can book the room with simple process. Firstly user has to enter all his details required by particular hotel rules and regulations and then he can book the room.

Online payment

This application contains online payment method for the user. User can pay online with debit card, credit card or through paypal account.

Customer benefits

Customer can cancel the booking if he wants to cancel it. Customer can see the suits and dining facilities in the application.

Email subscription

User can subscribe the application via email where application will send all the details on his email Id like new offers, Festival offers, summer or monsoon offers etc.

Social media

User can post the link of hotels on social media like facebook, twitter and linkedin to join more customers to application. Of course, its creates more marketing than other modes.

Admin panel features

Default admin features

Admin can access and monitor the application through the admin panel. He can edit his own profile, sub admins and can provide access of application to them.

Hotel management

Admin can see whole list of hotels with search, edit, delete and block. Admin can add a new hotel to the application or can delete existing hotel from the application.

Booking list

Admin can see total lists of booking for particular or entire hotel. They can view the report bookings by hotel, users, city and etc..,

Room category

Admin can define custom room types and price according to room category like price per night, room capacity, room availability, AC or non AC etc.

Update status

Admin can add status of a particular room like set availability dates/timing , Active till, check in timing, check out timing.

Manage users

Admin can manage room and its location through Admin panel. He has full authority to reject a particular room owner or room renter from the application.

Payment transaction

Admin can manage transaction of payment of his share and vendors through admin panel.

How the business model will work?

Flow chat

Major similar key players in the industry now

Makemytrip : One of the major hotels booking website active across India.
Hotwire : Hotwire is a small brand that has been powered by a community of savvy travellers since 2000 in America.
Agoda : Australia based company established in 2005 attracting user with its hot offers and deals.
China Hotel Reservation : Oldest Chinese company providing accommodation since 1999 over 6000 hotels. : A giant in hotel room provider serving across the globe.

Revenue model

E-business has become one of easiest way to start business. You can start and develop your business over internet and can earn lots of money.

Hotel booking application is one of the most popular ways to book hotel room during tour. So success of this Application is obvious.

In Hotel booking application customer has to pay rent for his room to the Hotel owner. There will be already fixed share of application owner will be defined. Once customer will make payment, application owner will receive his commission per room. It is present in the admin setting in the admin panel.

There are another thousands of additional way through which application owner can earn money like he can sell Advertising space with help of Google AdSense or he can create job board on his application where recruiter can post their job or He can promote products as an affiliate.

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