Applications have brought great change in present age. In today’s world, nobody has enough time. so everything needs to be fast and simple. Therefore, in the busy schedule if passenger wants to avail a shared car ride, he has to take help of carpool application like Uber, Lyft & Blablacar based on various operating systems like Android and iOS. Carpooling is the sharing of car journeys, so that more than one person travel in a car. So we are here with same application fully loaded with amazing features.

Now to get this application all you need, a team who can develop application for you can take care of all the process of the application. So don’t worry, be happy, you are at the right place. We are same type of team you are looking for.

Our team is efficiently able to provide you handy, reliable, fast, secured application of same type. So get application, so amazing and loaded with features that will be so hard to miss. You just need to buy the application of your convenience and look for the services of your choice according to the application.

Key features of Ridesharing & Carpooling application

Carpooling web and mobile application development company
  • Geo location wise ride
  • Car owners can post their car information and rides
  • Saves time and the service saves nation from the pollution
  • Our application will inform users about new rides and new offers
  • Car owner and ride requester can chat together about their commute

Web, iPhone and Android front end application features list

Search ride

User can search all the available rides and can select rides according to their requirement and location.

Offer a ride

Users can post his ride to get ride requests from other users if he (user offering ride) is interested to share his car.

Online payment

Our website allows users to book ride online and can pay online through credit card or debit card.


There will be benefit of Filtration for users though which user can filter his ride according to Km, Date and Gender etc.


There will be messaging facility on our website through which users can interact with each other.

Sharing to social network

There will be a sharing option through which user (offering ride) can also post his ride on Facebook or Twitter.


User can easily create account by signing up using facebook or mutually. It's compulsory for users to book and offer a ride.


Our application is compatible in all resolutions of android and iPhones.

Admin panel features

User friendly

We will provide you user-friendly dashboard and management structure where admin can see all the activities, offers new ride posts etc.

Robust application

You will receive a strong and secured application which will run smooth, respond correctly and quickly under any circumstances. Of course, its responsive design.


Users can manipulate their account and information according to their choice with help of settings and site management features.

Manage car and models

Admin can manage car and its model through admin panel. He has full authority to reject a particular car or car model from the application.

Manage currency rate

Admin can manage currency rate. He can either increase or decrease rate according to market standard.

Site management

Admin can see the list of rides which is posted by car owners, users, comments, CMS content and send the newsletter.

Strong Database

We are providing you application with secured database in which data will be secured and there will be no chance of account hacking.

How the business model will work?

Flow chat

Major similar key players in the industry now

Carpoolworld :One of the major shared ride provider active mostly across all over USA and also in other parts of world founded in 2000.
Carpoolking : A japan based company distributing its carpooling services in japan.
Uber : one of the giant for taxi booking in the industry recently added feature of Carpooling active in India.
Karzoo : A share ride provider mostly active all over Europe situated in France.
Carpoolmates : South Africa based carpooling company usually known for its attractive offers.

Revenue model

E-business has become one of easiest way to start business. You can start and develop your business over internet and can earn lots of money.

Carpooling becomes one of the most popular ways of public transportation these days. It reduces each person travelling cost and is comfortable mode than any other public transport. So success of this application is obvious.

In carpooling application passenger has to pay fare for his ride to the driver. There will be already fixed share of application owner will be defined. Once passenger will make payment to the driver, application owner will receive his commission per passenger. It is present in the admin setting in the admin panel.

There are another thousands of additional way through which application owner can earn money like he can sell advertising space with help of Google adsense or he can create job board on his application where recruiter can post their job or He can promote products as an affiliate.

So kick-start your business with our application and makes your dreams come true.

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