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Node.js development services

Nextbrain has extensive experience in node.js development services in Bangalore, India. It is a popular server-side javascript run-time environment that is used for highly scalable applications. The company offers customized node.js based applications, based on the requirements of our clients.

With a lightweight runtime, the Node.js is used for spreedy development and deployment of network as well as applications. Its core benefit is the provision of code reuse. In fact, Node.js offers faster results than the PHP programming language. Our skilled Node.js developers cater to all types of project requirements. Keeping in mind the clients specific requirements, we offer unique Node.js based applications. We are backed up with a team of expert and experienced Node.js developers who can cater to all the types of project requirements.

Benefits of node.js development services

Easy to install

The Node.js is very easy to install and can be directly downloaded by Windows and Mac users.

Faster performance

The Node.js environment demonstrates functionality in a quick manner giving faster performance of the web application that you develop.

Low level API

Node.js HTTP API is at a very low-level to support the full spectrum of possible HTML applications.

Reusable code

Node.js relies on prototyping or class inheritance to enable the reusage of code, thus paving the way for faster development.

Real time made easy

Node.js perform exceptionally well at many cuncurrent connections. So we can build real time web application like chat and game application.

Tools & Technologies



Node.js is most leading technology to build the real time server side application. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it efficient platform.



Javascript plays vital role in building web application in Node.js Of course, we can build required modules in Javascript.



We use the latest version of the HTML5 language for the purpose of constructing and presenting content on the web in Nodejs.



Known as the cascading style sheets language, it gives your site a more interactive look with rounder corners and animations.

Angular JS & Node JS


Cassandra, CouchDB, LevelDB, MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, PostgreSQL, Redis, SQLite, ElasticSearch

Our strength

Stay tunned with latest technologies

Proven methodologies

Our custom web development solution uses proven methodologies and framework like the Node.js to build websites as per your exact specifications.

Extensive testing

We properly test the web applications built using the Nodejs framework before launching them. We properly test the web applications built using the Nodejs framework before launching them.

Expert and Experienced Developers

Our team has the expertise and surmount experience in the use of Nodejs framework to build web apps.

Cost effective approach

The Node.js application solutions offered by Nextbrain, are very cost-effective and bring large returns on a minimum investment.

On time delivery

Existing API and codes of Node.js are supporting us to make speed delivery of node.js application development. We ensure to give the delivery in on time.

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