It is a hectic task to get the day to day service done. If we required a plumber or electrician, or some building repair work it is very difficult to find out the correct service provider at the correct price.

Customers enrol and put the task, the task goes to different service providers, who agrees to do the customer's task that service providers detail sent to the customer. Once deal finalised between customer and service provider, the customer has to release a percentage of his budget to the app provider company. The service provider gets the money once he finished the task.

Customer and service provider registration

A customer and a service provider can sign up with name, email ID, phone no, password and address. Once a customer or service provider signed up, later he can sign into this app by providing email id/phone number and password. There is forget password option where a customer or service provider can get his password on his registered mobile.

My tasks

A customer has to put their task as required work get done, related picture of the work which has to be get done give the detail number of workers required, total number of days, the amount which customer is willing to pay to get the particular work done. Then this task will go to concern service providers and they will bid for this task. Which will be the lowest bid that detail of service provider will be sent to the customer

Browse & Filter task

The customer can search his task by using the browse and filter option. All the related tasks will be displayed as per the search criteria.

Task full information

In this segment customers can see the current position of any task whether it has been completed or underway, the task commencement date, its expected completion date, the total amount of the task can be seen.

Payment process

By using the payment gateway customer has to pay the amount to the app provider and finally the amount to the service provider will be paid by the app provider. which minimises the cheating risk by the service provider.


A customer or a service provider can create their profile where he can store the name, contact number, address etc.

Help & Notification

In help segment, a customer can get the answer of his query and assistance from the app provider. Customer and service providers will receive the push notification upon task updates, news and etc..,


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