Photo album ordering
Photo album ordering


Photo album ordering


The photo is to keep our memory with us for forever. Whenever we want to refer our memory we look to our photo. These days most of the photos are being captured with a mobile phone. Which gets stored in a memory chip so whenever we want to revisit our past we open the gallery and have a look. Suppose memory card gets corrupted, mobile gets lost or file has been hacked in such case what will happen with our valuable memory.

Of course, we keep our good memory in the chip but the hard copy of the photo gives us some pleasant feeling while we see the picture. We can hang the picture in our dining room or bedroom. While we turn the pages of the album it unfolds the sequence of events. It gives an awesome feeling. By seeing the photo album we go into the back and revisit our memory. Pixbook is a mobile app which provides to rejoice our memory wit a photo album. Here we have to select the photos which we like and we have to send it.

The service provider will make an album and deliver it to us at your door.


Easy signup

To sign up, we need to enter only name, email id and password. Once the registration is completed, they can access the application.

Photo book

Once we signed up we have option to start the photo book. Here we can select the design of photo book. After selecting the book we have to click the start book.

Upload photos

Customer need to upload the photos to the selected photo book. Here we can upload limited photos, preview the photo book, replace the photo, edit the name, delete the photo and etc..,

Uploading photos

Once a customer selects the 50 photos, the photos uploaded to the photo book.

Order tracking

Once we made the payment for photo book an order id will be generated. Through this order id, we can track the order delivery status, expected delivery date and etc..,