AXS is a newly added product in Nextbrain products list. It addresses the problem faced by apartment's residents in the city. Manual tracking about who are the visitors, how frequently he is coming, how long he stays is not an easy task. To find out a service provider like a plumber, an electrician, a grocer etc is a hectic job. “AXS gives the soution to all these problems, under one roof”.

Interactive features

Our application has been developed to track the visitors who ever coming to meet the residents in apartment. It has visitors adding & management, facilities, service providers contact, emergency contacts, news, feedback and more.

Resident registration process

Very first time a user has to sign up in the app. It is an easy step, a resident needs to just type the name, email address, password and address of residence. Once signed up resident needs to just enter username and password for signing.


This app provides the details of a tennis court, playground, restaurant, pool house, braai area, playground, golf club, squash court and gym. Residents can see the location, timing regarding these facilities.


AXS has a very useful menu lists for the residents. In menu lists, a resident can find out the visitors details. Residents get regular notification from society's admin regarding the meeting, event or any cultural program organised by society. The emergency services like the fire brigade, the police helpline is available with one click. Residents need not search for services; App has integrated most of the common day to day necessary services details with contact detail, just need to make one click. Residents can share news or any relevant information. Resident can keep their profile in this app.

My visitors

A resident can see the name of visitors, visitors contact number, visitor's coming and leaving time to the premises on a particular date. It gives complete tracking about the visitors, which is very crucial in term of security this day. Residents can see the visitor history too.

Create visitors

A resident can create visitors lists by providing the name, a mobile number, it can be either imported from the contact list of the phone or can be done manually. This helps the visitor to get an entry pass easily.

Edit profile

Residents can change their detail here, anytime. Resident can update their contact detail, photos.


A resident can create an own profile. The resident has to enter the name, contact number, address, their photo etc.

This gives immediate accessibility in case of any emergency. In the case of fire or need to call police helpline, no need to search the contact detail, jus at one click a resident can contact the emergency services. All day to day service facilities is also provided as laundry, electrician, plumber etc. This helps residents to avail these services quickly and hassle free.


Nextbrain has launched a very powerful and user-friendly AXS application