The on-demand delivery application is one of the finest product in the kitty of Nextbrain. It provides the platform where a customer can select the store and place the order; the order will be delivered to the customer address. This application can be run for a single store and for multi-store.


The menu gives a complete control over the application where customers see the category of stores, filter the store, profile, orders and etc.., It has been implemented with left side navigation option.


The customer can search the store as per their requirement. A customer can select the store as per city and area.

Store full information

Store name, store address, the available products in the stores, the price and offer for each product will be displayed.


In offers segment, a customer can see the different offers on different products range by different stores will be displayed.

Customer registration

By providing the name, email id, password and address a customer can sign up into app. The customer can sign up app with their social account too. Once a customer gets registered he can sign in the app by providing email ID and password.

My orders

In my orders, a customer can see his placed order, order lists, the product name, quantity and price of each product, the delivery information and option to track the delivery boy and time.

My cart

The app saves the customer precious time by providing my cart option. While a customer is in the selection process of products he can place the products in the cart and continue with the selection process. A customer can see the placed products in the cart anytime, where he can change the order quantity too.

Paypal and COD option

The app provides Paypal standard integration which is accepting the Paypal payment and credit card payment. A customer can also choose cash on delivery option.

Order confirmation

Once a customer selects the payment and clicks on the place the order, the order confirmation note will be generated and send to the customers as order confirmation token.


Nextbrain has launched a very powerful and user-friendly on-demand delivery application