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Student sign up

A student has to signup first time by providing the personal details as name, ID number, email id etc. Once signed up a student can get signed in by providing email id and password. There is a forget password option which will resend the password to the listed email id.

Running, past & upcoming election list

Running: It will show the detail of running an election in university. A student can see the who are a participant and the party details.

Past: It will show the past election data which has been over. Here a student can see the who won the past election, who many votes were cast, what was the vote percentage of winner and loser too. The time of election as when started, when ended can be also seen.

Upcoming: The detail of upcoming election. The election schedule can be seen.

Caste a vote

Party and candidate profile

A student can see the party's detail as well as details of the candidate who are participating in the election. A student can see the candidate name, his/her qualifications, the party detail with whom hi/her associated.

About & Contact

This segment consists information about the contact number of university, a student can trace the address of university, email id etc.


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