React Js developers

Nextbrain is looking for React.js developers with experience of 2 to 3 years.




React Js developers


Full Time

Qualification : Any Degree

Experience : 2- 3 years

No. of Vacancy :1

Job Description

We are looking for a talented React.js developer who has in-depth knowledge in React.js concepts to join our front-end development team. You should be proficient with developing user interface components using React.js concepts and execute workflows like Flux, etc. You should have good knowledge to improve front-end performance and document front-end codebase. You need to ensure all the applications are powerfully built and easy to manage. Good problem solving skills to deliver a quality product is essential. Proficient with front-end coding skills and a good knowledge of progressive web applications.


  • Build latest user-facing features using React.js.
  • Develop front-end libraries and re-usable components for future purpose.
  • Translate designs and wireframes into powerful and strong code.
  • Optimize all the modules for the best performance across a huge array of browsers and devices which are web-capable.
  • Monitor and improve front-end performance.
  • Troubleshoot interface software and debug application code.


  • Proficient in Javascript with DOM manipulation and the Javascript object model.
  • Must have good familiarity in React.js workflows such as Flux, Redux, etc.
  • Expertise in latest specifications of EcmaScript.
  • Familiarity with data structure libraries like Immutable.js.
  • Thorough understanding of isomorphic React is an added advantage
  • Expertise in RESTful APIs.
  • Proficient in modern authorization mechanisms like JSON Web Token.
  • Ability to understand modern front-end build pipelines and tools.
  • Familiarity with front-end development tools like Babel, NPM, Webpack, etc.
  • A flair for optimization and benchmarking.
  • Proficient with code versioning tools like Git, Mercurial, SVN, etc.
  • Good capability to understand business needs and translate them into technical needs.
  • Excellent project management skills.

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