Nextbrain is proud to develop the top classified ads CMS platform, Yemenmazad for our valuable client. The app is specially designed to ensure publishers can get an effective platform for publishing different advertisements in the ad publishing platform. Yemenmazad has been able to become one of the largest marketplaces in Yemen as a result of its effectiveness and efficiency. In this blog, we will discuss the way the Yemenmazad app has reached more than 100K downloads in the Google play store.

Developers are highly responsible for building premium quality applications and also offer post-app support and maintenance. The next challenge that comes after app development is the way to increase your app download. It is a matter of concern if you are wondering about the ways to acquire target users for installing your application over other available apps. As an available marketplace app platform, many businesses and enterprises are posting their posts and requirements on the platform.

The functionality of the Yemenmazad App


The Yemenmazad app is created and developed with effective expertise to offer a platform where individuals can find jobs, hire employees, locate contractors, administer skills/services, search for short-term gigs, and many more. As a marketplace platform, it is used to purchase and sell cars, boats, trucks, RVs, trailers and auto parts.

Yemenmazad app also works as a multi-marketplace platform that can be used to buy and sell various furniture items and other households. It includes computers, electronics, bikes, art, clothing, and many more. It offers a clear dashboard where favorite posts can be saved, published and ads can be edited.

App store optimization

App store optimization can be delineated as a process involved with the optimization of an app in the Google or Apple app store for making it rank higher in an app store. Quite similar to search engine optimization (SEO), the process works for app stores. As higher your app ranks in app stores, it is more likely to come up during searches. This, in turn, has increased the chances of it being downloaded. Our developers ensure using an attractive title that will catch the attention of viewers. It is followed by keyword research where valuable keywords are incorporated into the app title and description for increasing visibility and ensuring that the app platform is found by prospective users.

Leveraging Social Media

Social media is considered a great platform for promoting your application and this makes social media a great place to promote apps for getting downloads. Relating to the genre of the app, one can find the most audience from Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Similarly, content is created catering to the app's requirements. Yemenmazad has been able to reach more than 100K downloads in the Google play store and it is indeed a great achievement which has engaged followers within the app.

Writing clear App Description

Yemenmazad has mentioned the usability of the app using a clear app description which enables a potential user to determine and download the app. However, it may not contribute to making your application discoverable but its importance comes to significance as the potential user lands on the app page. A lucid app description makes it easier to sell your application by communicating the benefits of the app and pinpointing the effective advantages to the user.

A strong online presence

At Nextbrain, a developer’s duty does not end with building an app but begins with creating a strong online presence. This app platform or website acts as a strong online presence serving as a sort of business base that users can come to for information on updates, maximizing the app and several other forms of content about your app. Having a robust form business website can be considered a good way to collect visitor data.

Final thought

Yemenmazad app platform is the best-classified ads platform where employers can post jobs, businesses can post selling/buying options and many more. The platform is developed by one of the leading app development companies, Nextbrain. As the top app development company, Nextbrain comprises a complete team of developers having many years of experience in creating the best development platforms for business. They have ample technical background and expertise in creating unique platforms for startups, enterprises and organizations.




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