Xamarin is basically San Francisco, California based company founded in 16 may 2011 and later acquired by Microsoft on 24 February, 2016. Xamarin platform brought a revolution in the app development industry. It is well equipped with amazing features and modern style that draw attention of Developers and even Microsoft a giant in the IT sector shows interest and later acquired it.

Slowly and steadily Xamarin platform is proving itself as a leader in cross platform development. In a rapidly changing technology world, Xamarin makes it possible to build, test and monitor applications that perform beautifully. Xamarin not only helps in enhancing an application’s quality but also helps businesses derive better commercial value from apps.

Xamarin is considered as one of the best cross-platform framework because it has distinct advanced features that you wouldn’t find on others cross-platforms. App development companies considering Xamarin platform as first choice because

Native technology - Xamarin is capable to provide native UI to access device based hardware features and OS based software features

Easy coding with C# - C# is general purpose, modern, easy to learn object oriented programming language which is best for cross-platform technologies.

Cross platform - Xamarin offers to share application logic across multiple platforms.

Multi-platform(Android, iOS, Mac) - Xamarin is able to integrates smoothly in all the dominant mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows phone.

Cost effective - Xamarin saves development and maintenance cost because of code reusability.

Cloud integrations - Cloud integrations are possible with Xamarin.

Speedy Development - Codes can be shared across different platforms makes development easy and fast.

Seamless API integration facility - Xamarin has unique binding technology that makes it capable to support newly released feature of OS as well as device.

Easy availability of developers - Developers who has knowledge of C# can easily work on Xamarin.

Test cloud - Xamarin has test cloud that enables developer to test application automatically.

Code reusability - 2/3 of Codes written using C# in Xamarin can be shared across the various mobile OS platform. 

Supports MVC and MVVM - MVC and MVVM patterns is very suitable for Xamarin.

Visual studio IDE and .Net class libraries - .Net class libraries are available for to the developers as Xamarin apps can be developed using visual studio as well.

When Xamarin was introduced to the market, it was not so popular at that time, but when Microsoft acquired it, developers’ shows interest and in very short span it becomes popular. Today top developer firms and IT giants is focused on expanding the training and tooling of Xamarin. Now companies are considering increasing Xamarin products and replacing old apps with Xamarin. Xamarin has enabled the developers to develop, build and test apps for quickly than before. May be we can see certain modification and newly added features in Xamarin but vision of developers says that future of this Development framework is very bright.




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