Mobile Apps are only reason today which made smartphone successful instantly in market. The Mobile app market is getting bigger with each passing day across the globe. Mobile app development companies are busy to lure customers with advanced and smooth app with fully loaded features. There are different methodologies applied for development of mobile apps. One of the most recent and effective methodology is Agile methodology. It is alternative to traditional methodology such as waterfall model.

What is agile methodology?

Agile methodology defines set of principles under which requirement and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. It is a disciplined project management that encourages frequent inspection and adaption. It also encourages team work, self-organization accountability and process adaptability throughout product development life cycle. The term Agile was firstly introduced in 2001, in the manifesto for agile software development also known as Agile Manifesto.

Reasons why agile methodology is best for mobile app development.

1. Flexibility

In traditional methodologies there are very little scope for change or it is very costly to change. Earlier developers resist changes and tell business owners how expensive it is to change anything throughout product development. But in agile development principle change is accepted.

2. Quality

Your customer will never compromise with quality and agile methodology ensures it because in agile development testing is integrated with throughout the life cycle. In agile methodology testing is carried out at each step of product development which allows making adjustment if necessary. It gives early sight of any quality issue arises.

3. User Experience

Application size also matters a lot in success of any mobile app. If your application is big enough then the user will discard it during download and will move to another application. It is also very important to decide how much more memory it will consume after update. Agile development allows developers to experiment with this size stuff. It enables developers to adjust design and features of application to provide great user experience. You can offer quick, easy, seamless and smooth application to users with Agile development.

4. Happy clients

Developing a right and expected product is biggest challenge for mobile app development companies. If your client is not satisfied then your all hard work will go in vein. But the ability for agile development requirements to emerge and evolve and the ability to embrace change enable users to develop exact product as required.

5. Reliability

There is hundreds of alternatives present in the app store to your application. Even a single mistake from your side will result app delete and user will go with other alternatives. Users are today very less tolerant to errors, bugs and crashes. But multiple cycle of testing and quality assurance check of Agile development enables developer to develop a product of great quality and reliable.

6. Budget

Fixed time scale and evolving requirements of Agile development enables developers to build product within specified budget. Agile development methodology offers cheapest mobile app compare to traditional methodology. Here enhancement and changes are accepted quickly.

7. Speed to market

Consider a situation, where you got a unique business idea but before you develop and launch your app, someone else did it. Speed of development can also be a factor for your success and failure. But Agile development will help you to launch the product sooner as testing is done simultaneously.




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