Marketing is the act of promoting a business service or a product. Marketing has remained important since the invention of business and likely will continue to be so. It is important in the sense that it brings more financial value to the company. It may also bring enhanced business customer relationships or goodwill into the business. As a result of marketing, more people know about a company’s service and are willing to try it. Marketing involves a lot of focus on the present, but many businesses also plan for effective marketing practices of the future.

Marketing techniques undergo major changes with time. Many aspects of marketing also depend on the environment, culture and other aspects. Marketing techniques also change depending on who the end-user is. Business to consumer marketing strategies are different from the strategies used when dealing with corporations, i.e business to business interactions. Digital marketing is the type of marketing most companies use today since it is easier and gets more customers to the company.

Marketing strategies that have become digital marketing trends in 2021

Marketing strategies have become sophisticated and far-reaching in the modern era. Innovations and optimizations have paved the way for companies to be more efficient. In terms of competition, it has become more brutal in the corporate world without such efficient marketing. This is why knowing about trending marketing techniques and marketing techniques of the future become important for most businesses. Following are some of the digital marketing trends rising in 2021.

Video marketing

video marketing

Video marketing is a very trending strategy that lots of companies use because it is super effective. About 92% of marketers use this strategy in their campaign strategies. This is because video content persuades and engages the customers. The engagement rate from this strategy is one of the highest in any marketing technique.

Voice search

voice search marketing

People have been looking for more convenient methods to search and discover businesses. Future of marketing can see the rise in voice-based technologies. Many marketers thus have begun to optimize their content and phrases for voice searches. Speech synthesis is also included in the content because many prefer to listen rather than to read. This trend has increased even more since the pandemic.

Interactive content

Marketers are increasingly using ever more interactive content to promote their products. Quizzes, polls, and shoppable posts are going to increase within every e-commerce website. The companies come up with new ways of making their content interactive to stand out from the competition. Interactive content also helps increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

Shoppable posts

This is one of the digital marketing trends that has already been on the rise. Marketers are now using posts that allow the item by simply clicking on it. It has been reported that people spend 2 hours and 24 minutes on average on their smartphones every day. This is a clear reason why this trend is not going to go any time soon. Brands thus invest in making more attractive shoppable posts trying to attract more customers.

Programmatic marketing

This method of marketing uses special programming algorithms to place ads in real-time. The ads are placed when people visit the website and are targeted especially for the person. Thus the future of marketing may eliminate the guesswork that goes on to select the ads and their position on a number of websites. This strategy will also help reduce the budget with which a company may operate.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is another trending topic in the marketing industry. Artificial intelligence learns to adjust many parameters at once through experience. It performs very well in unpredictable environments and hence is suited for marketing campaigns. AI is used to gather in-depth information, track sales, and is used to free up employee time by taking care of repetitive tasks. It is one of the most useful tools in marketing campaigns.

Virtual reality

VR marketing

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies may be used by people to experience the products in a more vivid fashion. This technology is increasingly going to be used in the future for marketing purposes. Customers engagement and experience is supposed to get increased using this type of technology in the future of marketing. VR glasses are an excellent example of this, as customers can get the feeling of in-store shopping easily with them.

Social media incorporation

This is a trend in marketing for a very good reason. Millions of people each day use social media, and businesses can easily maintain good relationships with them through it. Many social media campaigns also offer detailed analytics for many businesses. People also want businesses to be active on social media and therefore this is one of the digital marketing trends that just cannot be skipped.

Marketing automation

marketing automation

There are now so many things to take care of in marketing that humans cannot go in and expect to win the competition by themselves. Many processes of the marketing sector are now automated by digital algorithms. The systems only require minimal supervision by marketers and can function independently most of the time.

Authentic ideas 

Many people in the present time have caught up to fake marketing stunts of the past. It is not easy to fool the population, and this is even more true for the younger population. They hold a good grasp of data infrastructure and hence are only moved by authenticity and innovation in products and services. Authentic marketing involves a lot of effort, but it may be used increasingly in the future of marketing.

These are just a few of the many trending marketing strategies that are bound to be used a lot in the future. Depending on the type and scale of a business, the efficiency attained by any of the above strategies may change. Marketers must carefully analyze their customers, market and focus on product improvements for success.


Marketing is an important part of business and though the techniques of the process change over time, it requires a significant effort. The future of marketing is always uncertain but is bound to bring more innovative methods. Nextbrain Technologies is one of the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore. It consistently improves the sales of many of its clients by employing the latest digital marketing techniques.




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