Offline businesses may do most of their work perfectly, but still fall short of customers. This can be prevented by shifting the business online and incorporating good web design into it. 47% of the world population uses the internet, and thus it is very attractive for businesses to do so. But the attention span of humans is increasingly competed upon by businesses on the internet. Web design is one of the core areas that help beat such competition and is the field responsible for increase in revenue of various businesses. Web design involves the development of multiple web pages and testing them to maximum performance. It developed into its own field as web pages became more dynamic and had more to do in functionalities. The process involves writing lots of client-side code and making sure attractive design consistent with the client brand is added to it. 

Web design services in the world are considered very important and essential in many companies. This is not only because it functions as the basic interface of the business to consumer interaction but also because of its capacity to increase new customers. Web design in the present era incorporates good user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design. After the development phase, web design is tested for attractiveness and ease of use. Depending on the scale and budget of the project, multiple web design templates may be tested. All these reasons have made it one of the most sought after skills in the present era.

The Top Web Design Companies in Nashville

Nashville, being one of the most populous and industrious areas in its neighbourhood, has a lot of web development companies. These companies serve local and worldwide clients on a regular basis. Following are the top 7 website development companies in Nashville

Lounge lizard

Lounge lizard is among the most experienced web design companies in the city and has been operating for more than 2 decades. They use many high profile tools to give customer satisfaction to their clients. That includes the likes of Shopify, Magento and WordPress. The company offers its web design services for many devices including most smartphones. They also provide web redesign services for websites that need them. The company is known for offering excellent services in the realm of web development.

Nextbrain Technologies

Nextbrain Technologies is a very good web design company in Nashville. They consistently develop creative website designs for clients with different requirements. They also have in-house UX and UI design experts who integrate a good user experience into the website. This increases customer satisfaction. They provide end to end full-stack web development services for affordable rates. They also provide web redesign services and constant support for projects. Apart from web design services, they also develop mobile applications and provide digital marketing services.

Landslide Creative

Landslide creative is another top web design company in Nashville. They provide a lot of organizations with custom websites suited to their goals. They also provide digital marketing services and web redesign services. Major clients of Landslide creative company include businesses, healthcare, museums and churches. The company has been by the women’s enterprise national council as a woman-owned small business.

All My Web Needs

One of the most successful web design companies, All my web needs is a web design company that has served more than 200 clients in many industries. They focus on performance and build mobile-friendly websites for their clients. They also offer constant support services to whatever project they are working on. They are one of the companies in Nashville, Tennessee that is focussed completely on client web design and hence the name.

Bear web design

Bear web design is another one of the web development companies in Nashville. It also creates websites for many clients but most of the time it serves clients with e-commerce interests. The design usually has elements that take demographics into account and helps achieve the client goals. The focus is given to flexible interfaces and high engagement rates. They also provide content creation services for this reason. They help design mobile-friendly websites that react appropriately to different mobile devices.

2 the Top Web Design and Marketing

2 the Top web design and marketing, simply known as 2 the top is another web design and development. They have experienced designers on the team who focus on simplicity, ease of use and high performance of the websites. They are also an SEO company and integrate the technology to help clients climb the ranks of search engine results. They are known to perform SEO audits for their companies after web design is completed. They have offices in Nashville, Tennessee.

BubbleUp LLC

Although BubbleUp LLC is more experienced in digital marketing than web development, it has 15 years of experience handling web design requests. They develop mobile websites pretty efficiently. They build websites based on their own content management service (CMS) called connect. They design and develop websites for various clients and artists. They have received various awards for their work and are located in Nashville Tennessee.

Horton Group

Horton Group was founded in 1996 and is a prominent web design and SEO marketing company. It has its headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. It has over 23 years of experience in web design. It also provides its own UX and UI design services for every website it designs. It has provided web design services for various websites including video website design and E-commerce. They go through a long and careful process of web design, quality assurance and post-launch procedures to make sure their design succeeds in the real world.

There are many other companies that exist in Nashville, Tennessee that offer web design services for their clients. It is important to analyze your goals and compare them to the previous work of the companies that you want to hire. All needs like the deadline, product description and budget must be given to the company in question beforehand. Although most companies will be flexible enough to add extra features during development, it may increase the chances of delay in product delivery. Usually, if the company can provide SEO and digital marketing services, it is worth the investment as these services increase the sales of your website.


Web design and development remains a largely relevant field for various industries as they need it as an essential interface between them and the consumer. But the real reason for its popularity is its capacity to change perceptions about the product. Nextbrain Technologies is one of the best web development companies in Nashville, Tennessee. It serves many clients around the world and consistently provides good quality web designs to them regularly.




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