Mobile app development is challenging task but many time it ends with frustrating one, when you don’t have the right tools.Market is very competitive now and a developer has to yield out best product. Every software development group tests its product before it is out for delivery. It is natural to have some defect in the software, and test engineer always strive to catch them. They often do it manually, but in the fast growing technology era. There are lots of mobile app testing tools which will help to automate the task. We are listing five best tools that could help to you to accomplish the task.


This app offers great features for app developers and bonus point is it comes free of cost. It is very easy to operate as you only have to upload your app to the platform. One of the most exciting feature of the tool is it offers video recording facility. It basically records video when testing of app is going on. So it can give you exact figure, what went wrong when software was tested. TestFairy also gives details about crash reports, GPS,CPU, memory logs and a lot more. You can also understand user behavior by monitoring the video recorded. 


It is a software testing tool designed to conduct automated test on mobile and web applications. With Ranorex we can use any device and any language. No device modification needed at all.It supports data driven mobile tests and maintains test cases.This tool offers very simple User interface. It instantly records test on your device and makes editing easy. Ranorex comes with integrated recorder’s action table. Object repository of Ranorex reduces the maintenance efforts. If we talk about price of Ranorex licence, it starts with €690/licence.

Google play native app beta testing

Most of us have personal Google account which is required to access this tool, so it is very easy to use. It is perfect for android developers. Google play testing tool offers lots of great features to test your android app. It includes email notification to alerts,optimization tips, and enhanced revenue statics, bulk export of reviews, deep linking and website verification to optimize search result and engagement. You don’t have to pay any charges to use this tool.

Test Flight

Test flight is excellent testing tools for IOS applications and it doesn’t charges any money. To test your IOS app you can invite 25 members of your team assigned in iTunes connect. They can download app from the app store and can simply test it. It also offers facility of crash report and advanced analytics. It supports in-app feedback features so that testers can give feedback about testing.

Hockey app

Hockey app facilitates developers to test app on multiple platform including Android, IOS, windows phone and mac os. Although Hockey app charges money for using it, but you can try free trial pack for one month where you can test up to 5 applications. Hockey app offers great features like crash reports and analytics, team and user management facility, facility of distribution among all platforms, easy feedbacks for users and many more.

There is lots of another excellent mobile app testing tools, we have listed only few of them. You can try these tools to automate your testing process and minimize bugs. These will help you to make your app perfect, minimize bugs, notify you during crash and will bring great user experience. 





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