Slowly smart phones are becoming basic need of people. People have become so addicted to their smartphones that they feel incomplete without it. And what makes them to become so intimate with smart phones? Yes you are right, it’s applications. The variety of apps available today enables users to do the great variety of things using their mobile phone only. So applications must be perfect, smooth functioning, great navigation and secure. Buggy applications and software are totally unacceptable in current marketplace.

Bugs are the major reason of failure and poor functioning of app. Although it is almost impossible to build a bug free application. But with right strategy and techniques it could minimized. It is a myth to develop a complete bug free application. Many developers are very sensitive when it comes about bugs. They try to write a big bug free code without in first attempt which is unrealistic. It will slow down the development process. So instead of it developers should focus on core functions of the app. We are listing here some tips and techniques which can help you to minimize bugs in the application.

Pair programing

When two programmers work on same project simultaneously and then codes are reviewed. It will increase productivity as well as quality of the codes. It is one of the best ways to deliver a bug free application, but unfortunately this technique is not followed by developers on large extent. It is one of the most underrated techniques that developers must use.

Beta testing

Beta testing ease work of developers for finding bugs. It is basically second phase of software testing. Although this technique has some limitations but it could be effective way to increase the quality and stability of the app.

Good debugger

A good debugger is always a great strategy to develop a bug free application. Many IDE like visual studio will provide you good debugger. You don’t need to identify and solve bugs; changing code part and few print statements will do that easily.


It is a tool that enables developers to detect the bug before users do. It allows developers to see log, activities, and events on remote device helps them to detect abnormal behavior of the app.

Unit Testing

It is a process of testing each module of app individually. This helps developer to recognize whether separate modules of the app can work together or not. Unit testing is best way of detailed checking of bugs in the application.

Cloud Testing

Although testing an app for every possible bug is time consuming and frustrating task but it is best way to deal with bugs of the application. Cloud testing is one of them. It is considered as favorite testing technique as it supports wide a wide range of scripts and programming language.

So stick with the idea of bug free environment. Although it is not possible to make a mobile app absolutely bug free because as debugging is continuous and evolving process. But as a developer you must try to minimize number of bugs to ensure quality and stability of your app with help of above tips and techniques.




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