One of Asia's biggest and most prestigious technology summits is here. Organized and held in Karnataka, Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai has declared new high-tech cities that will be built within some months. As a technology and digital transformation company, Nextbrain’s founder and CEO attended the Tech Summit where global leaders and technology-minded people gathered together to share innovative ideas and business concepts for Karnataka’s tech growth. Bommai is of the opinion that promoting science and technology is the main agenda where technology will become the prime instrument in the war against recession and poverty.

tech summit 2022

This article will cover the major prospects of the Technology Summit, its inauguration and many more. The enriching amalgamation of pioneering companies, advanced-edge technologies and bright minds in Information Technology, startups and future-defining spaces are broadly defined. Right from young professionals to industry leaders, young innovators, techno professionals, and academia, the summit has evinced the presence of many such individuals from all over the world.

Completely organized by the Electronics Department, and the Government of Karnataka, Bangalore Technology Summit has brought together the most established businesses across different technologies, skilled individuals, researchers, consultants, professionals and other stakeholders. This technology summit offers a distinctive opportunity to communicate and engage for benefits. Our CEO, Mr Saran attended the event with great zeal and brought about distinctive business ideas for a better future.

As a technology development and IT consulting company, Nextbrain has served many industry domains across the globe. Right from developmental solutions to scalable platforms, we have expertise in creating industry-specific solutions catering to business requirements. We are technical leaders and startups in Bangalore that have created their own niche in the technical industry sectors. Over the past few decades, in India, Bangalore has become the best high-tech city that has grown in importance to play a significant role in technology prospects. It has become the centralized arena of operations of several leading global MNCs.

Reasons to participate in Tech Summit 2022

bangalore tech summit 2022

The process of attending a tech event is the best way to amplify business processes and stay updated with the tech world. It has the capability to bring in an important turning point in your business. In this context, we have curated the main reasons why our founder attended the tech event and why it is essential to attend them for boosting overall business.

Become a thought leader

Having ample experience and information, one can automatically become a thought leader in a specific niche and industry. In this kind of technology event, learning from experienced speakers and noting them offers an opportunity for technical people to garner knowledge. As a global digital transformation agency, Nextbrain founder attended the event not only to gather knowledge regarding the newest trends in the IT field but also to meet up with investors and leaders for discussing the newest prospects.

Opportunity to meet with investors