Well, it was a debatable topic since the existence of mobile application. Many developers agree while few disagree with the idea. Some developers find it ridiculous to have a landing page for the application. It’s like promoting your app through a website. But it is very important to understand the benefits of have landing page for your application. If you do create a landing page for your application, it will show your confidence, believe on your app, informative, and will add you in elite category of developers. Some benefits of adding landing page on your websites are.

Advertisement and informative - Landing page narrates the vision of your app. It will tell users what your app will do for them. And apart from this you don’t need an entire “Website” to advertise your app, all you need a landing page.

Customer Friendly - Your landing page will say your potential customer that you really concerned about what they want and will convey message to your existing customer that you are not running away from your responsibility. Existing customer will feel that you really care about their feedbacks and feature requests.

Anticipation - For startups or new product you can add a sense of excitement and suspense among users with coming soon or countdown style landing page.

Improve SEO - The search engine work is to give relevant content as a search result. You can improve your SEO ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc with a perfect landing page and good quality content in it.

Higher Conversion rate and lower conversion cost - A perfect landing page with increase conversion rate as you are giving visitors pages focused on precisely what they searched for. Landing pages will decrease conversion cost as it is inversely proportional to your quality score.

A/B Testing - It is hard to perform a full A/B testing approach on the main site but with a landing page you can perform full A/B Testing and customize your message based on the audience of your target.

Easy to locate you - Landing page will exponentially increase the possibilities for users to locate you via search engine.

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Views : 1445 | Posted on December 16, 2016