You might remember, last year when Facebook introduced Chatbot on the messenger, it caused a flurry of online discussion. When one of biggest social media used this abandon technology, whole industry took a notice. Now it has become obsession in workforce and technology. Chatbot is just a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual method. Eliza was developed in 1962 is considered as first Chatbot. Today chatbots are used by various big brands such as Google assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Apple siri.

Challenges and solution

Suppose a situation, where a customer wants to contact your organization for any purposes, and your entire customer care executives are busy in assisting other customers. The new customer has to wait. And what if the wait persists for the long time. This will add to their frustration and then they will go for bad review and rating. But to counter the same situation you can train your Chatbot to behave as a representative when human representatives are unavailable. Chatbots can effectively take care of this situation.

What chatbots can do?

Chatbots are designed to simulate how human would behave as conversational partner. They are used in dialogue system for various purposes including customer services or information acquisition. Although they can’t replace human but can act like one whenever required. They mimic human behavior to serve the purposes. As for example, when customer service representatives are busy with another customer, then a Chatbot can act like one to serve the waiting customer. In another example when lots of customers are visiting to a website and they want to enquire more about products and services, a Chatbot can act as an enquiry agent and can serve the purpose.

Chatbots are also used in research and analysis. They can interact as human to collect the required data for the purpose. They can understand natural languages and can also give reply if necessary. So in short, In industries for research and analysis purpose Chatbots can behave as one of your employees and can do the served job.

Where can we use chatbots?

Chatbots are useful in following sectors

1. Ecommerce

2. Entertainment

3. Finance

4. B2B

5. Health

6. Real Estate

7. IT Sector

8. Sports

9. Travel

10. Politics

Why you need Chatbot Development for your business?

It is dream of every business owner to see his business at top. But growth of any business mostly depends upon two basic things.

 Quality products

 Market presence

You need both of above factors to grow and sustain in the market. So let’s find out how chatbots going to help you with above two factors. How they are beneficial for your business and how effectively they can solve your problems.

1. The response time of a Chatbot is very quick. It can respond within a second which will not let your customers to wait.

2. A Chatbot can also store data more accurately which can be helpful for quality analysis.

3. Chatbots can also initiate any action if it is programmed accordingly.

4. The knowledge of Chatbots is vast and accurate which means it can chat effectively and will provide correct information.

5. Chatbots are comparatively less expensive and easy to build but its adaption rate is high.

6. It provides uncompromised privacy standards.

7. Easy to use interface and can be encoded to perform easily.

8. Chatbots are more useful as it can be programmed to serve in different languages.

Here we design and develop smart and advance chatbots solutions for enterprises to create, develop, manage, and rapidly deploy awesome bots for use by your employees as well as by customers.

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