Value of organizing an event and being part of it is very precious. Yes, At NextBrain technology we are talking about our sports day event which was organized and participated by us on 24th December 2017.

Sports are part of every one’s life and playing sports brings special joy, excitement, enthusiasm, mental and physical fitness in our life. It increases concentration, builds team work spirit and enhances physical capabilities. In our organization as a community, we played various sports and it shapes our value, state of mind, self-confidence and goals. It was just an attempt to nurture our community. Sports are not only the physical activity but it opens various characters of our life. A very well written line by an American journalist about the sports is

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it”

                                                                                                     - Heywood Broun

We constantly encourage ourselves to contribute towards the betterment of the society and latest we did it with the celebration of sports day. Talking about our event, we deliberately enjoyed the participation at various sporting games. Our event was organized at Holy Cross Pre University College Whitefield Bangalore. Our team members had been participated in various indoor and outdoor sports disciplines. The outdoor sports like Badminton, basketball, Cricket, running, throw ball, volleyball etc while indoor sports like chess and carom had been organized. Our all team members were participated with full grace. The event was un-forgettable and there were various memories that were built on the ground that day. It taught us to

“celebrate the victory with humility and accept the defeat with grace”

We divided in to two teams to play different games on the ground. All the gaming events were awesome and we forgot everything to enjoy that precious day. There were passion, commitment, fight for the victory, excitement to grab the moment, concentration to achieve the goal. There were lots of fun moments which were captured in our heart and some in the camera also. We played each game with passion, have a look


It is said that there is nothing than can bring more attentiveness than badminton and that is what we saw on the ground that day. The players were so concentrated to the game and were giving good fight to each other. Ultimately, Mr. Hariprasath won in the boy’s event and Mrs. Tejasvi talekar won in girl’s event.


It was a treat to saw the enthusiasm on the field during the Basketball game. Both teams are geared up and are playing as it was the biggest goal of their life, well. But It was very close and exciting match. Team B won the game but Team A won our heart.


The game Cricket is like a religion in India. The love and support for cricket is huge in our country and that’s what we saw on the field. Both the teams A and B have talented players, and it was tough to predict the result till last over. But someone has to lose. Team B managed to win the game.


At Volleyball match, a sarcastic line came in my mind that was “Volleyball is just a really intense version of don’t let the balloon touch the floor” lol. Well, the match was so intensified, that we forgot everything. Boys were running, passing the ball, trying to score. The moment was so awesome. But lastly, the match went in the favor of Team A.

Throw ball

“Don’t care, just throw the ball”. That’s what we were doing that day. We were playing, cheering each other, having good time together and then Team A stole the show.


Chess is called “game of nerves”. Our team participated in the game with focus and concentration to win the game. Lastly at finals Mr. Jayprakash was winner in this format.


We played carom as a double team match. The excitement of the game was unbelievable. It seems like everyone is expert of the game, but lastly Mahesh bachu and Abdul Waheed won the finals. Prize distribution

The special moment was price distribution ceremony where the certificates and medals were given away to hail the winners and participants who participated in different disciplines. The moment was for those, who worked hard with definite target to achieve it under any circumstances. It was the moment for those also who gave tough fight to the competitors and blessed the event with their participation. Team B was declared as overall winner of our sports event. The day was celebrated and enjoyed by all of us and it was added as a new but special memory in the diaries of NextBrain technology.

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