There are times when you browse the app store and find the term lite with several apps. Lite mobile apps are considered slimmed renditions of feature-rich paid applications. Lite iOS apps are increasingly growing popular as per the latest article. As smartphones are becoming more powerful with 256 GB of internal memory, expandable up to 1TB, 6 to 8 GB RAM and many more, it is becoming important to resort to Lite apps. In this blog, we will take a look at the importance of Lite applications and how it has won users with Lite apps.

Introduction to lite applications

Lite apps are regarded as light renditions of mobile applications. Lite apps are mobile applications that are scaled down to minimal features and visuals enabling the app to run seamlessly on slower internet connections with less inbuilt power. Lite applications enable users to run the application and achieve the main functionality of the application. With the elimination of additional features and aesthetics, the user is capable of fulfilling their requirement. The leading applications such as Twitter Lite, Facebook Lite, Skype Lite, Kindle Lite and many more are some of the popular lite applications used by a massive number of users.

The requirement for lite applications

Mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular serving as a solution for all human needs. Right from businesses to companies, products to services, and social networking, there is an application for everything. With the app world gaining momentum and getting competitive by the hour for capturing users' attention. Therefore, mobile app developers are required to make the applications richer in terms of aesthetics and features and at the same time, the apps should be created lightweight and rapid. It became challenging for developers to keep a balance between the above-mentioned aspects. An app interface offering feature-rich immersive experiences, high-definition graphics, moving visuals and interactive features is highly powerful making its way to every user's smartphone. However, this makes the app heavy in terms of storage space and data consumption.

Why should mobile app developers build lite apps?

As smartphone users are getting exposed to amazing connectivity and higher levels of smartphone penetration, app developers are getting obvious reasons to believe that rich applications are the ultimate solution. Mobile app developers would highly benefit from an understanding of the size of lite app users' consumer base.

Benefits of lite applications

Lite applications provide a huge number of advantages in many ways. For some users, lite applications can mean the difference between what is user-friendly and what is interactive.

Benifits Mobile Apps Win Users with Lite App Versions.webp

Lite apps take less storage space & runs faster

Applications are mostly responsible for slowing down the application and also the user's phone. Most users confront the problem of phone space running out of storage-facing notifications. Lite applications take reduced storage space which makes the app run faster. Heavy apps tend to take up more space and this is the time when users delete bloated apps. Lite apps enable users to get things done.

Lite apps work on slow mobile internet having poor connectivity

Having more than 5 million users in the world with less than 50 MBPS download speed, this next generation needs lite apps to get their job done even on rich features. Lite applications have the ability to cut back high-definition pictures and heavy animations that can consume more data. Lite apps utilize image splicing, quick loading, and low-definition visuals for making them lighter for all smartphones.

Lite apps save ample money

With consuming less bandwidth and data, lite application platforms help users to extend their plan of data thereby making it valuable. Lite apps bring ample marketing, engagement and ad revenue for developers, therefore, reducing development costs. Lite apps are easier to build.

Lite applications performs better in critical matters

In emergency situations of national emergency and natural disaster, it brings challenges in front of humankind. These kinds of situations majorly lead to a lack of water supply, power outages and internet blackouts. Therefore, it becomes difficult to communicate with community service and family. During this situation, it becomes relevant to access updates from the government, rescue teams and access mobile apps that are relevant. Lite apps are highly beneficial as they can be easily accessed on slow/weak networks, and work fast in communicating messages without consuming much battery.

Lite applications also work on old smartphones

It may sound hilarious but Lite apps function properly even in the case of old smartphones. It has become a trend to upgrade apps frequently as a part of app monetization strategy which resulted in the rise of the latest smartphone every year. With the advancement of technology every year, old smartphone models are falling behind from the perspective of internal storage, RAM, and so forth. New rising apps and upgrades are beginning to increase in size leaving behind the performance of old smartphones. In these situations, lite apps are the real savior that performs well with low bulk and high speeds.

Final considerations

Original renditions of applications can be bulkier resulting in hundreds of megabytes in size. These apps in usage can bloat to a huge size taking up more phone space, and ultimately resulting in phones slowing down. Lite applications are reduced/slim renditions of apps that offer a great alternative to heavier apps. One of the most critical aspects of the lite app is it provides only the essential features of an app without making it bulky. It offers ample functional benefits with minimal resources. This enables users to enjoy app functions even with limited connectivity. Searching for the best lite app for your project? Nextbrain is the leading mobile app development company in London offering custom-quality mobile app platforms for different industry domains. The mobile app developers have effective expertise in creating unique mobile applications with ample knowledge and technical expertise in feature integration. Connect with experienced professionals to know more about mobile app development solutions.




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