Fleet management is a system that allows companies which are based on transportation to manage risk associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and overall costs. But nowadays, this fleet management could by cared by a powerful app designed for the purpose. Earlier It was major problem for most of related businesses, but fleet management apps have sorted out these problem at most extent. We develop effective fleet management systems specially based on work-load the business have to manage it efficiently.

Our Fleet management System

Now turn almost any smartphone into a tool to manage your business and drivers with our fleet management system. Our fleet management system simplifies vehicle tracking and helps to maintain related information update of each frame of time. We have worked on lot of creative features to simplify your business at most scale possible. Our fleet management system can helps you in

1.Vehicle locator.

2.Maintenance locator.

3.Fuel locator.

4.Accident reporting.

5.Roadside assistance.

6.Vehicle Maintenance card.

7.Business mileage reporting.

8.Personal mileage.

How our fleet management system simplify your business?

Fleet notification at right time

Your business vehicles need to travel through lots of area. And it is a big challenge to track all vehicles especially when they are moving through country-side. Many time drivers have to take roundabout routes due to some problem or obstacle in the ways. It can delay your delivery by few hours. But if you and your drivers have our fleet management system, then you can detect the detour before then you can notify the driver to take alternative route which will save your time.

Location, tracking and more

Although, our fleet management system provides all of the information regarding location of vehicle by embedded GPS chip in fleet vehicle. This embedded chip helps to tack fleets. But our fleet management system can assist more. It can extract more important information like engine temperature, fuel level, mileage, tire pressure, engine functioning and much more. Imagine how crucial these information are and it will help you to notify your driver about possible crack-down or problem related to fleet vehicles. It will help you save time and your package will be delivered at right time to your targeted location.

Keeps track of all activities

It is very common in transportation line, where drivers used to steal fuels, or unload some packages to sell it. Or many times they load some extra baggage to make extra income. But now you can track all these activities from your smartphone. Our fleet management system will inform you when the vehicle stops at alien places. It will keep track of all moving activity of your fleet vehicle. You get complete data about your fleet vehicle like how much distance it has travelled, where it has stopped, amount of time of stoppage, expected journey time and much more.

Our fleet management system app will help you create a report regarding the journey. With different data you can save lots of money and time from the journey. You can do all these things from your office or at your home with just a smartphone in your hand. It will help you to simplify your fleet related problem and will give you comfortable sleep. So avail a similar fleet management system now to manage your fleets effectively.




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