Healthcare apps with Virtual Reality(VR) is not as popular in India, as it is in the developed countries of the world. However, with the recognition of the advantages of using virtual reality or augmented reality in healthcare, its uses are becoming popular. With virtual reality healthcare apps, the lives of patients are improved, along with dealing with their diseases better.


Pain reliever virtual reality app for childrens

Dealing with a deadly disease like cancer is a nightmare even for adults, leave alone the children. However, the fear among the children does not prevent cancer to be found even among the children. The pain from chemotherapy is intense and for children, it often becomes unbearable. In order to distract the kids and reduce their focus from the pain and suffering, virtual reality apps help with games and fun activities are often used.

In recent research, it has been seen that these apps are able to reduce the anxiety and stress among the children by up to 76%. These apps come in various languages and can be tailored according to the age of the children. These apps, though not a healthcare app, but has a great contribution in elevating the wellbeing of the children, making them easier to cope up with the painful treatment.


Health care with Virtual Reality VR

VR apps for people with disability

Patients with mobile disability are often given VR apps where they virtually experience swimming, paragliding or flying over the clouds. These apps are designed according to the type of disability faced by the patients and their possible desired adventures, which they will never be able to fulfill due to the disability.


VR communication apps for patients 

Patients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder often suffer from deep depression and become violent. They refuse to talk and communicate with anyone. In such cases, augmented reality healthcare apps with virtual assistants are essential, who can communicate with the patients and help them to recover from their vulnerable position. These VR incorporated apps can be tailored to communicate in various languages and on the topics of interest of the patients. 


Life-changing healthcare apps with VR

Few healthcare apps have made a life-changing difference in the lives of patients around the world. These apps are the pioneers and paved the way for the development of better healthcare apps with augmented reality. 

virtual reality with health care


This is one of the best VR apps, approved by and used widely in the healthcare sector, is the Sparx. It is not simply a game, but a transforming 3D world in the game, that helps the patients overcome GNATs (Gloomy negative automatic thoughts). This app has an immensely positive effect on the patients and through the games, they are transferred to an entirely different world, helping them respond to medicine and treatment better. This app has a high success rate and highly recommended by the healthcare industry. 

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