A new discussion has already begun in Technological and mobile world. Yes, Google has recently announced Android O to be released in the market. The public version of Android O (8.0) is likely to be out on late August or early September. New functionalities are what excite users every time. People are waiting for this all time. We are always curious to know what we can do new and different with our smartphones now. This time also android added new amazing features in latest version of its operating system. So let’s check out what we got this time.

Finger print scanner gesture

Android now allowed users to expand their notification tray by swiping down on phone’s fingerprint scanner. Although this feature has been added to nexus devices only, but now android has opened this features for all.

New setting menu

The most amazing visual change android has done is it has redesigned setting menu but side navigation menu is removed in the latest version. This is done to make setting area more simple and easy to use.

Redesigned File manager

We all are familiar with Android’s in-built file manager. But people are not satisfied with it. Users always opt for another file-manager app for better experience. This time android also focused on file manager. Its new design and amazing looks will definitely love by users.

Battery-saving background restrictions

Battery life is one of the biggest issues faced by android users these days, but this time android has taken care of this concern also. It has put some reasonable restrictions on performance of background apps to expand battery hours.

Snooze individual notifications

Now you can set snooze time for notifications bothers you when you are not using your phone. This will make the notifications go away for specified time and notification come back after the time is over.

Navigation bar tuner

Android 8.0 now allows you to change your on-screen navigation button. This is one of the exciting features we are getting this time. This is improvement in marshmallow’s System UI Tuner.

Custom lock screen shortcuts

Custom lock screen shortcuts allow you to add custom shortcuts on your lock screen that will appear on bottom corners of your lock screen. So you don’t need to unlock you phone each time to access you favorite functions and applications.

Picture in picture mode

It is a special type of split screen window where you can be very useful. if we talk about a specific example earlier you can’t do anything while watching a video but Now you can watch videos while performing other tasks.

Auto fill framework

You are familiar with how many browsers auto-fill saved information when it detects a compatible field. Android has added same feature to avoid you filling specific information again and again by the keyboard.

Notification channels

Once you app will be updated with Notification channel feature, you can control the priority and visibility of each kind of notifications posted by an app. You can now create categories for various notifications posted by different apps.

Hi-fi Bluetooth codec

Since we are living in a wireless world, Android is always criticized for its low quality Bluetooth sound. But this time android is going to add high-quality Bluetooth codec for better user experience.

Wi-Fi aware

Android is going to add a new promising feature called Wi-Fi aware which enables you to discover a device, establish private network and can share data without being on same Wi-Fi network.

Unknown source setting

Earlier when you are enabling unknown source setting, it allows you to download things from all the sources. But now you can categorically select sources and can enable them.

Quicker Multi-tasking

Just double click on your recent app button to switch apps between your two most recently used apps. This feature powers your multi-tasking needs.

Drag and drop things in multi-window mode

With latest version of Android, you can now drag and drop texts and images between the two windows. You just have to highlight the text, long press it until it starts floating and then take it to the text fiend of other window. So these are some highlighted features which is introduced by new Android version. These new features will definitely going to blow users mind as they are effective, unique and user-friendly. So let’s wait till this version of android comes in user’s hand and we will explore more amazing features of it.




Views : 2189 | Posted on September 15, 2020