Earlier it was one of the biggest problems for mobile app product team to detect a crash of running application. Due to lack of information, crashes could not be detected at early stages and becomes more complex. It became very difficult to find cause of the crash. In many cases it ended with application failure. But it is said that necessity is mother of invention. Later on this problem minimized with mobile apps crash reporting software. 

Mobile apps crash reporting tools constantly keeps eyes on mobile applications, and send alert when application crashes along with details of crash like cause of crash, sensitive points etc. Product team utilizes this information to resolve issues quickly. In other words these tools can be called as diagnostic of mobile applications. It mainly focuses on accessibility, downtime and damage. 

Mobile app crash reporting tools must be developer friendly. So criteria for ideal Mobile app crash reporting tool should be

1. Easy integration with mobile applications to monitor functionality.

2. Report in case of app crashes.

3. Provide full details of exceptions and crashes.

4. Recognize crash sensitive areas.

5. Identify crash area and suggest possible solution.

6. Provide details about crashes duration, damage, range and future impact. 

There are plenty of tools designed for this purpose and available in the market. But based on customer satisfaction, reviews and expert advice across world, we are listing here some of the best tools. 


This tool is available at free of cost in the market. Best thing about this tool is it works in detail and don’t even left minor information. It assigns impact level for each crash. It compares threats and notifies which crash is more critical. It keeps track of crashes and notify if particular crash occurs again and again. It also gives reminder, if a particular crash is not solved. 


Fabric is real time analytics you can use to check pulse of your app. Fabric gives us one-click-install and update so that you will never miss critical update about app crashes. Fabric dashboard facilitates you to monitor DAU, Crash rate etc of your multiple apps. 


It is previously known as crittercism. It is a platform which provides real time global view of app diagnostics and crashes across applications. It serves as mobile performance application monitoring and crash reporting for multiple platforms like IOS, android and hybrid. 


Although Instabug is very efficient tool to trouble shoot cash but it doesn’t comes free of cost. You have to pay up to 129$/month to use this. Instabug has more metadata that helps support debugging. By shaking the device, this tool takes screenshot of crashes and details. 

Hockey app

You have to spend some money to use this tool too. Although Setup process of the tool is little messy, but when it comes about depth and accuracy of the crashes this tool is champion. 

You can use above tools to enhance customer satisfaction with your app, because most frustrating moment is when an user enjoying a particular app and suddenly a message “Unfortunately this app has stopped working” popped out on screen. It is useless to imagine any application without crashes but you can fix these crashes easily to provide great user experience.




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