The task regarding your app does not end if it is fully developed, approved and made available for users. Tougher task is waiting. You will be then confronted with new round of challenges that is how to increase app download. A well designed app alone doesn’t always mean an increase in app download. There are 1.5 million apps available on Google play and 1.6 million app available on apple app store, but have you ever wondered why only few of them could manage to grab user’s attention. Something must be wrong with rest of apps. So there is important need for mobile app publishers to focus on app store optimization. We are listing some tips that can help you to wide spread your app to larger users.

App name and Keywords - It is very important that application name has keyword that best describes the app. Your app must contain best keywords so that on app store search engine users could search your app easily. So you required to do keywords analysis that is more searched by users and set your app around these keywords.

Optimized app description - Your app description should best describes the contents of the app. If the message it convey misleads the users, then chance of increasing app downloads will reduce. So make sure you have nice and best description for your app.

Simple but creative - Don’t make your app so much complex that user get frustrated and delete it. Try to keep it simple but don’t forget creativity. If your app will have unique capabilities, it will be more desirable to users.

Social Media - Your apps popularity on social media can affect its app store ranking. So share it maximum on social media and also enables your user to share it. This will increase popularity of your app automatically results more downloads.

Great users Experience - No doubt your idea is unique, you design is great, you loaded it with all important features but poor functioning of your app will put all in vein. So make sure your app runs smoothly, navigates well and at last brings great user experience.

Ratings and reviews - Positive ratings and reviews made by the users who have tried the application can greatly affect popularity and ranking of your application. So ask your user to leave a review and to rate your app.

Eyes on app - Always keep your eyes on app reviews and comments. Evaluate new feature request by the users and if found valuable work on it.

Consistent content - If you want to engage users for long time, content should be renewed consistently. You also need to update your app to add new features and fix bugs.

Add videos and screenshots - Videos and pictures are best way to connect with users because visualization is more effective than reading. So upload videos and pictures during promotion of your app.

Own website - If you have your own website, it can help you a lot during promotion and help description. You can get closer with your users with the help of your website.




Views : 1800 | Posted on September 15, 2020