Capitalize on the first-mover advantage and be the first one to develop applications on the much popular apple watches.

Apple watch application development

We provide web application development to integrate customized software on your brand’s website, in the Software-as-a-Service distribution model. Clients belonging to different industry verticals can benefit from our developed web applications. The skilled manpower of Nextbrain uses the most advanced technology to deliver outstanding results in web application.

Our Apple Watch application developments allow you to create simple user interface, create notifications, present data from the parent iPhone application; and also create image-based animations. Moreover, you can create exceptionally brilliant small applications with less navigation; simple UI with no custom controls.

Some types of applications

Travel apps

The user of these apps can locate the best residences and restaurants that are located nearby, while traveling

Fitness apps

Apps that can keep checks on calories burned, heartbeat rates, as well as monitor treatments and side effects.

Real estate apps

A single medium to locate, purchase or sell property; Live updates show the the latest availability along with price ranges.

Healthcare apps

Users can be notified about their doctor appointment date & time easily in apple watch. Of course, they can see the upcoming appointment list.

On demand delivery apps

Users will get the notification once the driver or delivery boy reached users geo location.

Tools & Technologies

Watchkit extension

Watchkit extension

The Watchkit extension on iOS runs in the background to update the user interface and respond to user interactions.



This innovative new programming language helps create concise, yet lightning-fast apps on Apple Watches.

Xcode 7.3

Xcode 7.3

Reading the code by programmers is made more swift and accurate, as we use the Xcode 7.3 programming language.

Our strength

Stay tunned with latest technologies

Skilled resources

The members of Nextbrain are highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of apple watch application development.

Competitive pricing

We develop apple watch applications for you at most competitive prices that brings huge returns on investment.

Proven methodologies

The company sticks to proven methodologies of delivery instead of taking risks at the expense of our customers.

Constant support

We offer constant support to all queries raised by our clients and remain engaged even after the delivery of the project.

100% quality verified

Our applications will be verified in real devices with QA team and delivery incharge.

Easy steps to begin with

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